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HL7 Electronic Health Record Work Group
Weekly Conference Call
Every Tuesday at 1500 ET US for 60 minutes
2020-04-14 MINUTES

  • Mark Janczewski
  • Gary Dickinson
  • Andrew Casertano
  • Becky Gradl
  • Greg Zeller
  • Pele Yu
  • John Ritter
  • Steve Hufnagel

Presiding Co-chair: Mark Janczewski
Scribe: Steve Hufnagel
To join the HL7 EHR WG Meeting:
Audio: Dial: +1-224-501-3412, Access Code: 798-931-918 #
Video: Use GoToMeeting, Meeting ID: 798-931-918
NOTE: The video is password protected; join by phone and then ask the co-chairs for the video password.
When connecting via GoToMeeting, you might want to phone-in using the Access Code and the Audio Code (so that your name will appear on the GoToMeeting Control Panel).


  1. VOTING ITEM: Welcome and approval of items

MOTION: Approve the minutes 2020-04-07

Greg motion, Steve second motion passes to approve minutes 4-0-0

2020-04-14 Issue (Mark) from last week's minutes: EHRS-FM 2.1 cannot be posted to confluence, because there is no members only section. Action (Mark): to post to HL7 website.

  1. MAY2020 WGM Alternate Approaches

Discussion: Should the EHR WG meet (virtually) with other WG's in a Mega-Report-Out fashion (to share intergroup updates, issues, and plans)?

Discussion: Should the EHR WG meet (virtually) with other WG's based on those WG's traditionally-scheduled Joint Quarters? Yes. Contact each WG and determine whether certain topics need to be discussed. If so, create a virtural meeting (with an Agenda) and receive/give PSS-Observer status reports (to meet the PSS requirements).

YES: for the Mobile Health Work Group (John Ritter will establish TUESDAY/agenda with MWHG co-chairs); including SHIFT White Paper project

YES: for the Usability WG and the CIC (John Ritter will establish TUESDAY/agenda with MWHG co-chairs)

YES: for the Podiatry Functional Project(Michael Brody will establish WEDNESDAY/agenda with MWHG co-chairs)

YES: for the CBCP, FHIR Infrastructure, Patient Care IPS (Gary Dickinson will establish WEDNESDAY/agenda with Patient Care co-chairs)

2020-04-14 Status (Gary): CBCP, FHIR IF, IPS Wed Q1

2020-04-14 Status (Gary): PC Wed Q2


  1. Project Updates

EHR System Usability Functional Profile (John Ritter)

2020-04-14 Status (John): Met with Michael van der Zel to discuss issues. Waiting for feedback.

PHR System Functional Model Release 2 (John Ritter) – Should be close to publishing; will need to update "front mater", probably using same one as or very similar to EHR-s FM. Will need to also have the new Function List put into the tool.

2020-04-14 Status (John): Waiting on tooling. No other updates.

Podiatry FP (Michael Brody, DPM) – PSS for Lower Extremity Wound Assessment and Treatment Template (LE WATT) is in process of obtaining approval from the Administrative Steering Division (ASD).

No update

Tooling (Gary Dickinson; Michael van der Zel)

Discuss the items brainstormed during theSydney JAN2020 WGM regarding a possible EHR-S FM Release 3 approaches (e.g., data requirements based on the EHR-S FM ; direct linkage from the EHR-S FM to FHIR resources).

2020-04-14 Status (Gary): Last week, John and Gary talked with Michael van der Zel, who used FHIR IG tool to publish EHR-S FM 2.1 prototype.

2020-04-14 Status (Gary): We are using existing tool for Useability, EHR-S FM and PHR FM publications.

2020-04-14 Status (Greg Zeller): Dental Profile publication had tooling difficulty

Michael van der Zel was needed to publish. Documentation of extra publication steps is needed

MAXX file use to run conformance rules.

Cloud and local version don't sync

Problem adding comments

Action (co-chairs): coordinate with Michael van der Zel on publication documentation needs

EHR-S FM R.2.1 and PHR-S FM R2 Publication(Gary Dickinson)

Preparing the publish the R2.1 version using the EHR Profile Designer Tool.

The ISO-HL7 Partner Agreement is solidifying – allowing the HL7 artifacts to be readily published by simply using an ISO cover page.

Anneke is meeting with Michael van del Zel. Updating the FunctionList and then can generate the EAP file, the PDF, and the other publication formats. Then will submit the publication package to HL7. The PHR-S FM can then utilize the same Overview Chapter ingredients

2020-04-14 Status (Gary):

Publication request/package was sent and it will be presented to TSC next week.

Waiting on Partner SDO joint publication agreement with ISO; where, ISO approves an HL7 agreement and adds a cover sheet.

Dental FP (Greg Zeller, DDS) – This is a ballot item for May 2020. Need to discuss ballot package "readiness to send" status.

HL7 HQ successfully received the EHR WG's traditionally-structured EHR-S FM ballot package and is on target for the MAY2020 ballot cycle (after making a few Cover Page and metadata edits).

2020-04-14 Status (Greg Zeller): Michael van der Zel helped with publication pqackage.

Reducing Clinician Burden project (Gary Dickinson)

Intending to reschedule the (previously cancelled) RCB presentation, perhaps after 2020-04-06.

Review International Patient Summary findings based on rhe RCB project; see ISO 27269 ballot comments.

2020-04-14 Status (Gary): White paper moving forward. Working with Floyd Eisenberg, CQI related to quality reporting on Monday call. Also working with ISO; but, working on IP approach. .

Nutrition FP ballot item for May 2020 – (Becky Gradl)

Status (Becky): no updates

School Health (John Ritter)

"SHIFT White Paper" links on

Status (John): work proceeding

Action (John): meet with Pei Le Yu about pharmacy interaction with school nurse to define requirements.

  1. Upcoming EHR WG events/issues (NOTE: Unless otherwise specified all conference calls use the same GoToMeeting as listed at the top of this document.)

The Work Group Health report shows that the PHR-S FM R2 and Usability FP need to be completed.

Podiatry FP Meets each Friday at 3:00 ET US to discuss the Wound template US

Podiatry FP Meets each Tuesday at 1200 ET US to discuss conformance criteria – temporarily on hold

Reducing Clinician Burden: First and Third Mondays of each month at 1500 ET US.

Dental Functional Profile meets every other Thursday at 1600 ET US – currently on hold.

The calendar of most EHR WG teleconferences can be found at:

(Possibly) develop Educational courses regarding EHR WG artifacts (e.g., Functional Models and/or Functional Profiles), issues (e.g., Clinician Burden), or methods (e.g., EHR Profile Designer Tooling and the merging of Functional Profiles)

Should the EHR WG offer any special webinars or summits in mid-2020 targeting COVID-19 concerns? Perhaps telehealth (with respect to EHR WG artifacts)?

Discussion: How can the Child Health Functional Profile be promoted/leveraged in the industry? What types of certification / conformance assertion methods could be created (e.g., voluntary; self-attestation; third-party certification)? How might the effort be funded? Can the EHR WG serve as an industry-mentor / convener? Can the EHR WG identify another body who could be the owner of this task? Who might be good candidates for interoperating with a given "certified" Child Health system – and what type of Functional Profile might they require (e.g., a school health information system interoperating with a pediatrics health information system)?

2020-04-14 Status (Pei Le): Cures Act has 10 criteria, being tested by Drummond. Should we create an EHR-S FM Child Health profile, which includes the Cures Act Criteria.

  1. Next meeting: 2020-04-21

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