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MethodologySecond Pass on 5 W's  results below

Management July 30, 2019

 Adjourned at 12:45 pm

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Always an attribute

Who: Patient

Who: Ordering Physician

Who: Technician

Who: Supervision Physician at test site


Specialty (this could be extended to every person who)

Who: Who interpreted the results (referral eg interventional radiologist who recommends a care plan)

Who: Who is the physian the patient provide care as a result of the exam (N+1)

Who: Who is paying for the test (pre auth)

Devices are part of ‘WHO’

Device Identifier



Serial Number

Software / Firmware Version

Who provided consent?



What is the test

What is the activity

What is the intervention


Is this an order

Is this a prior auth request / response?

Is this a test

Is this data entry into the system

What – the equipment being used to view the x ray for diagnostic purposes…

                As well as the equipment being used to capture the image.

What tool was being used to capture the event

Voice Dictation


Manual Typing

Electronic transfer from machine


Location where test was performed Facility ID

Address – physical address v IP address


Facility Type (inpatient / ambulatory)

Location - set of where attributes for the physician so for each Who we have a where

What about telehealth?

                Where separate for patient / provider  so in theory each what can have multiple wheres

For privacy and security, the where was anonymized for privacy reasons.

Eg house calls to domestic violence shelter / HIV clinic  if the where is a HIV clinic can compromise patient privacy  (HIV is a special case)


When was the test performed?

Start Time

End Time

Duration which would be calculated

When was the test ordered?

When was the test sent to the interpreting physician?

when was the test read by the interpreting physician?

When was intervening provider engaged (N+1)

When was intervention provided?

When was the event recorded?  (Start / End)

When was event authenticated?


Reason for the test

Indicator of it's place in a series of events that have a natural sequence.

Codes (ICD / Snomed) for the why

This could be used as part of the pre auth process. So Risk Factors could be here in addition to being embedded in the test results.

Think of this as the basis for a pre auth.


  •  Reed Gelzerto map this work against provenance resource