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Chair:  @Michael Brody

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@Michael Brody


Reed GelzerTrustworthy EHR

Michael WarshawACFAOM

Dyane TowerAPMA

Chris TBiomedix


Minutes Approved as Presented 


Minutes from 07/02 Reviewed as well as minutes from 06/26

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Management Minutes Approval

MethodologySpreadsheet created by Chris Reviewed

Items were reviewed and changes agreed upon.  Chris to come back to group next week with clinical references for Lines indicated on meeting from 07/02

Management 5 W's lead by ReedThe 5 W's were discussed and a first draft of the relevant 5 w's for a vascular test was developed
 Adjourned at 12:50 EST - Next call on 07/23 @ 12 noon Easter

Supporting Documents

5 W's

A checklist of attributes that need to be identified - are they relevant for this data object?

Importance - mapping to end use constructs so for a particular end use the fitness for use attributes for data.
One of the cardinal rules of data analysis is the context of data collection, when designed for a specific end use is only useful for that end use until tested for use for other end uses.
The 5 w's are a contruct for what do I need to know about this data object with regard to the origination.
Not every data element will be part of the data. When will null values be allowed.
Alternate having constrained subsets of this data element.

Always an attribute
Who: Patient
Who: Ordering Physician
Who: Technician
Who: Supervision Physician at test site
Specialty (this could be extended to every person who)
Location - set of where attributes for the physician so for each Who we have a where
Who: Who interpreted the results (referral eg internentional radiologist who recommenda a care plan)
Who: Who is the physian the patient provide care as a result of the exam (N+1)
Who: Who is paying for the test (pre auth)
alwasys and attribute
Device Identifier
Serial Number
Software / Firmware Version

Location where test was peformed Facility ID
Facility Type (inpatient / ambulatory)

When was the test performed
Start Time
End Time
Duration which would be calculated
When was the test ordered
When was the test sent to the interpreting physician
when was the test read by the interpreting physician

When was intervening provider engaged (N+1)
When was intervention provided

Reason for the test
Indicator of it's place in a series of events that have a natural sequence.
Codes (ICD / Snomed) for the why
This could be used as part of the pre auth process. So Risk Factors could be here in addition to being embedded in the test results.

Think of this as the basis for a pre auth.