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The goal of the Emergency Care (EC) Work Group is to bring the unique understandings and perspectives of the emergency health care enterprise to the HL7 standards process.

HL7 Calendar - Site with deadlines and schedules. Review for submission deadlines and meeting schedules.

ECWG Meetings

We have Weekly Zoom Conference Calls, Friday at 12:00 PM ET. Join the HL7 Emergency Care Listserve for announcements.



The Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems: Next version of DEEDS and associated FHIR Implementation Guide

Emergency Department Information System Functional Profile

        The first EHR Profile needs an update. The next version underway

Emergency Care Domain Analysis Model

Organizes the HL7 artifacts related to Emergency Care


Position: Professsor
Department: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Location: Omaha, NE, USA

Dominik Brammen

About The ECWG

HL7 Emergency Care Working Group Web Page

HL7 Emergency Care Wiki Page

Blog stream

Laura Heermann Langford and Jim McClay presented portions of the 2019 CIC FHIR Workshopentitled "Clinicians Not Burned Out - but on FHIR" The contents of the presentation are available on from the Clinicians on FHIR Confluence page for the Workshop. 2019 CIC Workshop medium.jpg
AMIA 2018 FHIR Tutorial
Laura Heermann Langford is leading a FHIR tutorial at AMIA 2018 in San Francisco this week (November 3, 2018). Jim McClay will be helping out.This four hour tutorial introduces the HL7 Clinical testing process for FHIR resources. Attendees will interactively access the CLINFhir server and learn to explore FHIR architecture. W07: Clinicians on FHIR®: Zero Percent Contained L. Heermann Langford, Intermountain Healthcare; R. Leftwich, Intersystems; V. Nguyen, Stratametrics; C. Parker, PAREXEL; J.…