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Question: ED medication administration start vs stop time- how do we document these times?

Option- leave out the start/stop time all together because which statement do we answer? :

  1. When the order was placed?
  2. When the Pharmacy filled order ?
  3. When the Nurse received drug ?
  4. When nurse handed drug to the patient?
  5. When the nurse recorded when patient took the drug?


  • In communicating data importance from the ED to other audiences: clinical, nonclinical, US, international… Is is better to rapidly throw in some process (dispensed, received, etc) times? Or should they be overlooked?
  • “Effective” encompasses the start time and duration they received the medication.
  • If a patient was administered a medication, the medication administration model should be used. If it’s their medication list, it should be medication statement model. Medication statement is the medications they said they were taking when they came in, and it’s also the discharge disposition.

Suggestion: Use “medication duration” instead of “medication stop time” (EXAMPLE: 1 tablet given for 6 days, drug given for 20 minutes, etc)


  1. Medication dose
  2. Medication dose units
  3. Medication dosage form
  4. Medication schedule
  5. Medication route
  6. Amount dispensed medication
  7. Refills prescribed medication
  8. ED discharge medication order type
  9. Date/time ED medication ordered
  10. Date/time ED medication administration starts

Description →  date and time administration of the ED medication begins (EXAMPLE: 8 am, Tuesday, march 4)

Question: can this item cover the start time regardless if it has a stop time or not?

  1. ED medication duration

Description→  Date and time when administration of ED med concludes

Question: Consent is an administrative process, (procedure can’t go forward without consent) so where does it go?