Emergency Care HL7 Working Group 3.28.19

Emergency Care Data sets:

Medication concepts placed into 1 med bucket

First Question: Include history of medication allergy? Or Just have an allergy section for that? (It’s Currently under history)

  • In this context, allergy refers to a substance (aka med) so probs leave it in history

Second Question: how to do inheritance (add the orange cloud)? (can’t figure out copying it)

  • Medication is a concept group so look at the art-decor.org instructions under documentation
  • able to search for medication, add it, and specify the relationship (generalized, adaptation, derived, equivalent, etc.) but cannot mention inheritance

Clean up & find medication

Reminder to us:

under medication header, edit it in the definition: write a note saying what needs to be copied and where to put it.

Description: cardinality of medication- A grouping of all content related to medication intended to be used for medications- meds taken at home, given prior to arrival, administered in the ED, prescribed at disposition.

Moving Concepts: MAKE SURE TO SAVE

  1. Start with ID
  2. ED medication ordering practitioner ID
  3. ED medication administering practitioner ID
  4. ED medication ordering practitioner type
  5. ED medication Administering practitioner type
  6. Medication (medication name)

So what goes next? Name, Dose, unit…. 

Note: Date/time= when the order is placed. Schedule = when the patient should take the medication.

  1. Med Dose
  2. Med dose unit
  3. Med Schedule
  4. Med route
  5. Dosage form à “amount of ED discharge medication to be dispensed”
  • “amount of ED discharge medication to be dispensed”
  • The Plan: create a new item in a different name which functions the same, deprecate other one, send a note to swap them and deprecate out of LOINC as well. Still needs to exits because artifact.
  • Rename = “amount to be dispensed”
  • LOINC code exists just for “discharge” So remove current LOINC code and change to the proper data element that is more general.
  • Change Request: Further explanation: We are suggesting to deprecate the number 56852-7 from DEEDS and LOINC, and we will use new number 82767-5 in LOINC.
  • Then, create new data element: “amount dispensed medication” with the 82767-5 LOINC code.
  1. Refills

Number of ED discharge medication refills→ refills prescribed medication

Same story but don’t even have a LOINC code

What is ED discharge Medication order type? For instance, or a long term one?

            Go back to the original documentation

Medication recon at time of discharge- precedent by doing that 10 years before their time.

New Issue:

            Type for future consideration (change request)

            Title Is there a LOIC code for this

Description: Deeds has data element for medication status at the time of med recon. Is there something in LOINC for this?

Suggestion = use what LOINC has

Next week: disposition and diagnostics?