James McClay 

Laura Heermann-Langford 

Samual Wang


Patient Identification Tab:

  • Last week - Review Guardian issues and sent note to vocab group.
  • This week we worked through the cardinality of concepts.
  • We clarified that the DEEDS record represents a single ED encounter. This results in a snapshot of the health record.
  • Multiple ED visits may occur within the same Episode of Care (pregnancy episode as an example).
  • The ramification is that there is a single value for changeable items such as gender identity, address, etc.
  • We discussed the Account Number entry and decided it should represent the personal identifier supplied to the ED during the registration process. We cannot be prescriptive as to what items is collected. In the FHIR specification, there are multiple identifier types where this could modeled.
  • We adopted LOINC 76691-5 Gender Identity. We did not specify a value set. For the US Realm profile, the USCDI value set is adopted.

We concluded the Patient Identification Tab


Reviewed Workgroup Health Document - need to address project insight.