12 PM Noon Eastern Time, Friday, November 19

James McClay 

Laura Heermann-Langford 

Samual Wang

Topic for Today = DEEDS

Patient Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Information

LOINC Emergency Contact Information Panel https://loinc.org/56796-6/

Reported an error to LOINC. The panel descriptor for 56864-2 is listed as relationship to Staff Member, while the actual code is relationship to patient.

Agreed to adopt this panel

Patient Guardian - from patient demographic panel.

Reviewed specification for FHIR patient resource

In the value set https://terminology.hl7.org/2.1.0/ValueSet-v3-RoleClassAgent.html RoleClassAgent GUARD is the item.

From CDA 2.0.1 https://build.fhir.org/ig/HL7/cda-core-2.0//StructureDefinition-Guardian-definitions.html Guardian.

So, we can extend the patient contact relationship value set to include Guardian or we can use the value set above for contact relationship.

Admin Update

No meeting next week - US Holiday