Convened at 2:00 PM ET instead of 12:00

Laura Heermann-Langford

James McClay

Samual Wang


Reviewed Human and Social Services Workgroup Formation Proposal

Agreed with general principle. Concerned about US focus and recommend adding an international use case and co-chair

Updated DEEDS description on Confluence page


Continued review of DEEDS update and revision

Recommend attaching OIDs at completion of Ballot and submission for publication

HL7 OID.DEEDS_OID .DEEDS_Version_Number.DEEDS_Section_Number.DEEDS_row_number will provide a unique identifier. Any edits after publication would require an update to the version number

Discussion of POLST CDA IG project Scope Statement

PSS-1827 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ECWG members are very interested in advance directives but are unclear as to relationship to prior care planning and advance directive work with HL7 including the advanced directive entry in DEEDS

We will reconvene next week after further analysis of the project. We will request the leaders from POLST and from Care Planning meet with us to clarify the overlap and impact on ED standards