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DEEDS components and LOINC. – Samual

  • Review Swapna note from LOINC.

I reviewed your request and have a couple of comments.

1. Regarding 11383-7 - this code is being used in several panels other than DEEDS, so we shouldn't deprecate it. I also wouldn't remove it from the DEEDS release 1.1 panel ( []) because it was a valid code in that version. You can see the other panels it is included in listed on the details page - [].

The best thing to do is to not include the term in the next iteration of the LOINC DEEDS panel. Do you know when the new version will be released?

2. Even if 56853-5 is not used in the new version of DEEDS, it's still a valid code. Similar to 11383-7, I would just leave it out of the next LOINC DEEDS panel.

3. For the new concept, based on the description it sounds like one of the following existing codes might work. If not, can you please tell me the difference?
Emergency department Note ( []) (we also have similar terms that specify the author - e.g., nurse, physician, attending)
Emergency department Discharge summary ( [])
Emergency department History and physical note ( [])

Also, I'm sorry I haven't been able to join your calls or follow along in art-decor. I've been serving as Interim Director of LOINC for the past year in addition to overseeing all of the terminology development, so I haven't had much time for anything else.

Standards Review for Steering Committee

    • For each of your standards
      • The TSC recently approved the requirement that there will be “One active release and up to three stable releases for a single standard and all others must be retired.”  If your group believes you need more than 1 active or 3 stable releases, you must appeal to the TSC providing appropriate rationale.
      • Review the “current state”  in Column E for each standard owned by your Work Group
  1. Review spreadsheet and update – Laura

EDBA terminology licensing

  • Jim will review HL7 process and send to EDBA.

Adjourned at 2:55 Central Time.