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  • Samuel (Chingyu) Wang
  • Jim McClay
  • Laura Heerman
  • Peter Muir


1) business

  • HL7 Switch to Zoom  - Laura says we're in the second wave
  • Concerns about Zoom security - FBI announcements
  • PSS: MCC FHIR IG - Negative Vote Entered by J McClay
    • No access to AHRQ NIDDK Confluence site to review information
  • Friday email from HL7 proposing new Project Proposal Process (pre-PSS)

    Step-by-Step Guide – Reviewing a Project Proposal []. 

Observations: 1) PSS have become project proposals where the HL7 community often first hears of a collaborative forming to address an issue. Having a way to register a groups' intent to engage HL7 membership and ultimately develop an HL7 artifact is important. We are concerned about the words used to designate these different intents. In other settings, the initial notification is a "Letter of Intent (LOI)". The LOI may announce a body of work, a new group forming, a request for collaborators, or an environmental scan for similar areas of interest. This would give the workgroups an opportunity to assess the opportunity, determine resource availability and recommend other interested parties prior to being inundated by PSS from unknown sources.

2) Note from David Pike:

I'm working on a project that would like to limit access of data to those working on Ambulances, etc. but I don't see a code for that in the FHIR/V3 Purpose of Use table that addresses that.  ETREAT is not really usable because that's more along the lines of ED use

I'm assuming you've discussed this in the past.  Can you send me a pointer to how that's been discussed and what is the optimal code to use for that?


Dave Pyke


Hi David,

We’re discussing your question at the Emergency Care Workgroup Meeting.

We’re not sure we understand your use case. The value set is used in Consent, Contract, Provenance and Audit resources/profiles.

Are you proposing a different profile or are you using one of the existing profiles and looking to extend the value set?

Adjourned at 3:00 PM

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