• We will review the DEEDS specification on ART-DECOR and introduce Samual to process

Discussion items

5 minGet set upTook a while to set up
 5 minIntroductions  
10 minOrientation to Art Decor

Reviewed our process for using ART-DECOR

  • Agreed to change specification to DEEDS 1.X as we're not sure the final outcome
10 minNew and updated data elements
  • Add country of residence to patient demographic LOINC panel - Submit to LOINC for cosideration
  • Keep Country of origin
  • Change Nationality to "Country of Citizenship" LOINC 66476-3
5 minTesting of Issues functionalityAll

Determined ART-DECOR is not forwarding email to Swapna - original plan was LOINC requests would auto route

Email to Kai to fix passwords

Next week
Continuing DEEDS review

Action items