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Files and wiki pages used to develop the PDex use case.

Presentations and Images

eHealth Record Exchange -Payer Summit V1.pptxPresentation used at HL7 WGM Payer Summit - Jan 14
ePDx-Payer2ProviderUseCase.pptxBusiness focus use case to help understand mapping to FHIR profilesV2
ePDx HL7 OO WGM V2a WedQ3.pptxePDx Overview given to O&O WG on Jan 16 Q3
Question_For_Comment format to be used in PDex IG
PDex Connectathon Track Info_RecordingRecorded presentation of PDex Connectathon Track Overview (15 min)
PDex Report Out from Jacksonville ConnectathonResults from PDex Track

Connectathon Presentation.pptx and recording

Connectathon kick-off presentation from Aug, 2 2019 call

Documents and Spreadsheets

Payer Data Exchange IG Review.docxPDex Review Feedback
PDex ResourceMappingEssential-2019-05-22-v20.xlsxSpreadsheet used as source for essential fields for US Core/HRex Profiles
PDex GitHub RepositoryReference Implementation Source Code
DaVinciUSCoreResourceCompare_v1.xlsxPDex FHIR Payload assessmentDraft
PDex FHIR Implementation GuidePDex Implementation Guide in developmentDraft
PDex_comment_tracker.xlsxPre-release PDex IG Comment Capture Spreadsheet
ResourceMappingEssential-2019-02-28-v17.xlsxUpdate to Resource Mappings to add DiagnosticReportV17
ResourceMappingEssential-2019-02-06-v16.xlsxThis is a filtered view of the Essential fields required for each profile
Da Vinci PDex Implementation Guide-7.docxRough Draft of IG - focused on NarrativeDraft
PSS for Payer Data Exchange (PDex)Project Scope Statement for PDex
Da Vinci PDex FHIR IG ProposalFHIR IG ProposalDraft
ePDXUseCaseFunctionalMap.xlsxMap data element from use cases to FHIR resources.V2
C-CDA CCD Information Types.pdfCCD Information Types
ResourceMapping-2019-01-31-v15.xlsxUpdated Resource Mapping. Added CarePlan and CareTeam.V15
CPCDS-cambia-V1.5-filtered.xlsxCARIN CPCDS formatted workbook for easier review IG Profiles Core STU2 (Based on FHIR STU3 3.0.1) Profiles Core STU3 (Based on January 2019 R4 Ballot) ProfilesDraft Care Cost Institute Data Dictionary (working with CARIN Alliance)