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The demo groups below each have a consistent actor for each role through the entire demo.

Please use the links below to review which steps in the test plan will be performed and who your partners are.

Demo Group 1Demo Group 2Demo Group 3Demo Group 4

Wednesday 10:00
Thursday 1:30
Tuesday 10:00
Wednesday 1:30
Tuesday 1:30
Wednesday 4:00
Tuesday 5:00
Thursday 10:00
Payer AZeomegaUnited HealthcareCambiaEdifecs
SMART AppZeomegaUHC portalGuidewell / MCGGuidewell / MCG
PCP HERCernerCernerMulticarePulse 8
Cardio EHR 

Payer BCMS / MITRE / MettleIndependence  Cigna / EvicoreHumana / Availity
Hospital EHR RushCernerRush Rush
Emergency EHR

PCPPulse 8 


Demo Group 1 Test Plan

Demo Group 2 Test Plan

Demo Group 3 Test Plan

Demo Group 4 Test Plan

Test scripts for most of the defined sub scenarios are located in Touchstone - you can find links to the tests in this updated spreadsheet.

Clinical Scenario

  • The HIMSS20 Clinical Scenario will be based on a fictitious patient named Lara
  • The clinical scenario is described in this PowerPoint - HIMSS20 Scenario 201911210.1.pptx
  • Sub-Scenarios
    1. Pre-PCP Visit
    2. PCP Initial Visit
    3. PCP Return Visit - Cardio Referral
    4. Cardiology Visit
    5. Medicare Advantage
    6. Emergency Room Visit
    7. Hospitalization
    8. PCP Follow-up Visit
    9. Blue Button 2.0

A summary of the scenarios along with applicable Da Vinci Use Case IGs and relevant FHIR resources is available here:

Initial FHIR Resources

FHIR examples are available for retrieval in a LogicaHealth FHIR sandbox.

Individual FHIR examples

X12 License:

READ ME for obtaining a development license for the HIMSS connectathon:  (the same steps as previous connectathons)

For Each Sub-Scenario page, the following information will be defined

This track will use what version of FHIR.

Clinical input requested (if any)

Related tracks (Implementation Guide)

Proposed Track Lead

Sub-Scenario Step #x

(Clinical Description)

Expected participants

  • Payer Organizations and Their Technology Partners
  • Provider Organizations
  • EHR Vendors 

System Roles

Producer Role (Server)

Consumer Role (Client)



GET <Server Base URL>

Success Criteria:


Indicate any test scripts that will be used to help verify system behavior

Security and Privacy Considerations

  • Examples - SMART on FHIR Back-end Services Authorization, OAuth2, Tokens, etc.

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    1. Thanks for noticing this.  I just moved it up one level so that it's right below Da Vinci 2020 Calendar.  It's temporary so that it's easier to find while one of the HIMSS20 PMO coordinators (Viet Nguyen ) eventually creates a whole new HIMSS20 Da Vinci Interop Showcase folder and places this confluence page as a subfolder beneath that. 

      1. Thank you!  This is extremely helpful.