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Files and wiki pages used to develop the Gaps In Care Use Case




2018SEP_PSS_CQI_DieterleMichaelsonNguyenDolin_DataExchgQualityMeasure_FHIR_IG_revised7_postUSRealmSD.docxDEQM Project Scope Statement (PSS) revised to include Gaps In CarePost  approvals and edits from sponsoring WG, co-sponsoring WGs, US Realm and FMG
HL7 Project Scope Statement Gaps In Care_Original.docxOriginal Gaps In Care HL7 Project Scope Statement (PSS)

Da Vinci - Gaps in Care - 2019 Nov 21.pptx

Kick-Off Call Recording

Presentation and recording from 11/21/19 weekly call

Patient List Measure Data Gap Report.PNG

Patient List Measure Data Gap Report.vdx

Workflow diagram reviewed in 12/12/19 weekly callDraft complete
Mind Map - Multi Patient, Provider and MeasureMind map to foster transition of discussions of data element and workflow to FHIR gap analysisDraft complete
Gaps in Care Swimlane Workflow Report Filters and OperationsFaciliate discussion of 

Swimlane Workflow and  Report Filters and Operations

ppt in progress
Filters_Parameters_Table.docxFacilitate discussion of Report Filters and Operationsin progress
ReportSize Gaps_in_Care_Resource_Diagram_andFilterParameters.pptxReport Size discussionIn Progress
caregap-report.xmlDraft XML framework fileDraft

Weekly Meeting Slides and Materials

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