Welcome to the Da Vinci Project. We are a community of payer, provider and vendor stakeholders with technical, clinical and business leaders working to enable value-based care and solve interoperability challenges.

What is HL7 Da Vinci Project?

  • HL7 Da Vinci Project is a private sector initiative comprised of more than 50 industry-leading providers, payers and technology vendors who are working together to accelerate the adoption of HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7® FHIR®) as the standard to support and integrate value-based care (VBC) data exchange across communities.
  • The Project is bringing together the right subject matter experts from across stakeholder groups to define business problems, identify the corresponding data exchange requirements and use that information to create draft standards, which are in the form of implementation guides and sample software code.
  • The goal of the Da Vinci Project is to help payers and providers to positively impact clinical, quality, cost and care management outcomes. This occurs through membership focus on use cases linked to high volume, manual activities that would benefit from automation of portions of the workflows that collect and exchange critical data to improve outcomes. 

Join us for the monthly public Community Roundtable.

  • Come join early adopters who share their journey and progress.

  • Fourth Wednesday of the month from 4 - 5:30 p.m. EST 

  • View Da Vinci 2023 calendar for upcoming session details and to register! 

Did you miss a Da Vinci presentation, panel or other virtual programming? 

Access the panels, demonstrations and deep dive sessions on the Da Vinci Video Presentations page and view upcoming events on the Da Vinci Calendar.  

Questions about the CMS & ONC Rules or Da Vinci response letters?

  • Da Vinci team will share questions surfaced regarding support of Rules by Da Vinci implementation guides
  • View question and response sets posted thus far here.
  • To view Da Vinci comment responses to requests for information and notice of proposed rulemakings here (in Project Resources, Industry Statements and Updates). 

Da Vinci 2023 Membership

What does the project do?

  • Focus on use cases linked to high volume, manual activities that would benefit from automation
  • Unlock data using common APIs to empower organizations to achieve transformation to focus on outcomes and value
  • Define how and where in workflows critical data for VBC is exposed and captured across partners: care teams, vendors and payers
  • Position organizational success by defining standards-based approach with FHIR to power and fulfill VBC contract data requirements
  • Minimize the development and deployment of unique solutions between trading partners (e.g., a payer and provider).

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Want to learn more?

Check out the links to the Da Vinci use case dashboard and IG resources on HL7 confluence: https://confluence.hl7.org/display/DVP/Da+Vinci+Implementation+Guide+Dashboard 

The implementer support resources are just a click away. Visit: 

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Call details for each Da Vinci use case and implementation guide can be found here: https://confluence.hl7.org/display/DVP/Da+Vinci+Use+Cases

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