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Achieving Integrated Care Delivery Using FHIR: “Why, How, and Yes it’s a Big Deal”

November brings our final Community Roundtable of the year and brings the community together for a reflection on Da Vinci’s 2020 engagement and a real-world case study focusing on how Humana engaged an enterprise-wide approach for integrated care delivery.

Silver Lining of 2020: Community Roundtable and Industry Engagement

Join this session to learn firsthand the impact and value that the Da Vinci Project is having on advancing interoperability. Hear a year-end review of all the payer, provider, and vendor presentations during the inaugural year of the Da Vinci Community Roundtable.

Humana: Achieving Integrated Care Delivery Using FHIR: “Why, How, and Yes it’s a Big Deal”

Learn how Humana is achieving an integrated care delivery strategy using FHIR and complementary technologies, enterprise evangelization, industry HL7 accelerators such as Da Vinci, scaled agile and a product mindset.


Combined slide deck: Da Vinci Community Roundtable 2020 Nov 18 (final).pdf


  • Lisa Stephens, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Mike Funk - Vice President, Office of Health Affairs and Advocacy
  • Todd Soderquist, Vice President, Health Care Services Technology
  • Bryan Thomas, Director, Interoperability Product Management
  • Patrick Murta, Chief Interoperability Architect and Fellow, Enterprise Architecture
  • Jeffrey Kinnison – Principal, Enterprise Interoperability
  • Sonja Boyes, Product Manager, Rapid FHIR
  • Phil Britt – Director, Technology Solution Implementation

Da Vinci PMO: 

  • Alix Goss, Da Vinci PMO
  • Jocelyn Keegan, Da Vinci PMO
Community Roundtable11/18/20

Da Vinci's Quarterly Update and Implementation Lessons from Cedars-Sinai, Anthem and CareEvolution

Da Vinci’s Jocelyn Keegan, program manager, and Dr. Viet Nguyen, technical director, will deliver a quarterly update highlighting the progress and real-world use cases of Da Vinci Project efforts. They will also review how the project’s work and available resources, including implementation guides, will help organizations meet the goals of the Patient Access API rules by the Jan. 1, 2021 federal deadline.

Anthem, Cedars-Sinai, and CareEvolution discuss implementing the Data Exchange for Quality Measures and Event Notification implementation guides. Lessons include how they formed their project, implemented the technical requirements, and identified valuable “lessons learned” for future efforts to reduce the burden and increase the scale of data exchange for value-based care.

Anthem, Cedars-Sinai and CareEvolution slides: Anthem_Cedars_CE_DaVinciPresentation.FINAL.pdf

HL7 Da Vinci Quarterly Program Update:

  • Jocelyn Keegan, Program Manager, Da Vinci Project
  • Viet Nguyen, MD, Technical Director, Da Vinci Project

Using Da Vinci Data Exchange for Quality Measures and Event Notification to Enable Payor-Provider Communication:

  • Ray Duncan, MD, FAAP, Executive Director, Tech R&D, Enterprise Information Services, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Brandon Raab, Engineer Lead, Enterprise Data & Analytics Solutions, Anthem
  • Vik Kheterpal, MD, Principal, CareEvolution
Community Roundtable10/28/20

Interoperability Breakthroughs to Advance Value-Based Care and Improve Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Interoperability in healthcare is at an inflection point. Great progress has been made, but many challenges remain that limit stakeholders’ ability to fully optimize the delivery of quality, value-based care while also reducing costs. Major FHIR®-centric initiatives have emerged to address these barriers and allow healthcare to embrace interoperability that has fueled innovation and disruption in other industries. Join the HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community for a virtual discussion about how interoperability is fueling innovation and disruption in healthcare and beyond.


Patrick Murta, Chief Interoperability Architect & Fellow, Humana; Co-Chief Architect, FAST, Da Vinci Coordinating Committee Member

Adam Bazer, Senior Manager, Informatics, HIMSS

Amit Trivedi, Director, HIT Standards and Informatics, HIMSS

HIMSS Interoperability & HIE Community10/21/20

Provider Leadership and Partnerships: The Key to Interoperability and Scalability of Value-Based Care

Clinicians and their teams are helping to lead the way with HL7® Da Vinci Project production implementations to enable interoperability and advance value-based care.  Learn how provider organizations are forging the building blocks that leads towards automation.  These reusable building blocks underscore technical and business solutions critical to addressing current pain points with the health care system and creating win-wins for patients, clinicians, administrators, payers and technologists.

Da Vinci slides: Da Vinci Community Roundtable 2020 Sept 23 (final).pdf 

Providence slides: Scalability of VBC Through Interoperability PSJH 2020.pdf

MultiCare and Cambia slides: CommunityForum_200923_MCCJourneytoInteroperability_V1.pdf

Tammy Banks, Providence St. Joseph, Vice President Medicare Strategy, Value Based Care

Semira Singh, Providence St. Joseph, Product Manager Population Health, Value Based Care

Dave DeGandi, Senior Interoperability Strategist, DTS CTO Organization, Cambia Health Solutions

Anna Taylor, MS CIPCT, Director of Operations, Population Health for MultiCare Connected Care

Community Roundtable9/23/20

How CMS, ONC and Industry are Tackling Provider Burden and Enabling Rapid Adoption of FHIR

The latest updates on two initiatives that leverage healthcare industry collaborative efforts to advance information exchange using HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), maximize efficiency at scale and overcome barriers and physician burden in the healthcare system.

The CMS Center for Program Integrity began the Documentation Requirement Lookup Service (DRLS) initiative aims to streamline clinician workflow access to coverage requirements through the development of the DRLS prototype for the Medicare Fee for Service program.

The FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST), convened by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) seeks to identify FHIR scalability challenges and potential solutions, analysis that will address current barriers and will enable rapid industry adoption of FHIR-based solutions at scale.

ONC FAST: Ecosystem Infrastructure for Scalable FHIR Solutions Through Collaboration & Industry Engagement

• Stephen Konya, HHS/ONC
• Patrick Murta, Humana; FAST; Da Vinci
• Paul Oates –Cigna; FAST

CMS Medicare Fee for Service Documentation Requirement Lookup Service (DRLS) Overview and Status
• Ashley Stedding, CMS
• Nalini Ambrose, MITRE
• Larry Decelles, MITRE

Community Roundtable8/26/20

Da Vinci Program Update and Cigna, InterSystems, Rush Health present: 

What It Takes: How to Leverage the HL7 Da Vinci Project to Drive Quality Measurement and Value-Based Care

Following a program update, Da Vinci participants Cigna, InterSystems and Rush discuss the clinical quality measure use case to describe how they formed their project, implemented the technical requirements and how this project holds promise to reduce the burden and increase the scale of data exchange for value-based care.

Cigna – Patrick Haren, Architecture Director

InterSystems – Lynda Rowe, Senior Advisor, Value-based Markets

Rush Health – Kamlesh Patel, Senior Project Manager 

Da Vinci Project Update: Jocelyn Keegan, Da Vinci PM

Community Roundtable7/22/2020

GuideWell, Edifecs and partners demonstrate:

Patient API’s and the CMS Final Rule: A Consumer View

  • Patient Access Rule
  • The Payer Role: Perspective and Impacts
  • Technology Partner Role: Responsibilities and Challenges
  • App Developer Role: Consumer Experience
  • Securely Connecting Applications & Sharing Patient Data
  • Lessons Learned


GuideWell - Amit Shah, Senior Director

Edifecs - John Kelly, Principal Business Advisor

MaxMD - Keith Finlay, Director of Sales and Development

1upHealth - Doug Williams, Chief Product Officer

b.well - Philips Johnson, Chief Technology Officer 

Community Roundtable6/24/2020
 Cambia, HealthSparq and United present: 
  • Data Exchange for Quality Measurement: Medication Reconciliation, From Pitch to Production 
  • Provider Directory: Building a Solid Foundation for the Provider Directory API 
  • Clinical Data Exchange: EMR Integration Service Layer (EISL) Lab Chase Service (LCS)

Healthsparq slides: Healthsparq May 2020 Da Vinci Community Roundtable.pdf

United slides: UHC EISL LCS.pdf

Kirk Anderson, Cambia Health Solutions, VP & Chief Technology Officer

Keith Lomurray, HealthSparq, Director Data Products & Analytics

Nick Radov United Healthcare, Director, Interoperability Standards & Compliance

Sumit Lahiri, United Healthcare, Architect, Clinical Data Services and Technology

Community Roundtable5/27/2020
GuideWell and Edifecs present: Payer Coverage Decision Exchange (PCDE) and Alerts/Notifications use cases


Da Vinci Community Roundtable 2020_04_22.pdf    (Da Vinci Update and CMS slides) 

Da_Vinci_Edifecs_GuideWell_(PCDE+Alerts)_FINAL.pdf (Use case demo slides).  

Amit Shah, Senior Director of Shared Applications/Services, GuideWell

John Kelly, Principal Business Advisor, Edifecs

Sreekanth Puram, Head of Technology and Product Development, Mettle Solutions

Rohit Shinde, Vice President and Business Unit Lead, healow Insights

Community Roundtable4/22/2020
Da Vinci Update and Demonstration of Prior Authorization Support (PAS) and Clinical Data Exchange (CDex) use cases 



Alix Goss, Da Vinci PMO

Henry Meyne, Product Line Architect, Availity

Dave Degandi, Senior Interoperability Strategist, Cambia Health Solutions

Community Roundtable3/25/2020
2020 Da Vinci End to End Clinical Scenario Demonstrations

Demo Group 1

Demo Group 2

Demo Group 3

Demo Group 4

Da Vinci Members, narrated by clinical leadsHIMSS Virtual 3/10/2020

Conversation With FHIR® Accelerators


Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD, CEO, HL7 International

Evelyn Gallego, Program Manager, the Gravity Project; CEO and Founder, EMI Advisors, LLC

Jocelyn Keegan, Program Manager, Da Vinci Project, Senior Consultant, Point of Care Partners

Ryan Howells, Program Manager, CARIN Alliance, Principal, Leavitt Partners

Steve Bratt, Project Lead, CodeX, Leader, Health Standards and Interoperability Group, MITRE

HIMSS Virtual3/10/2020

ONC Update/CMS Update 


Alex Mugge, CMS

Steven Posnack, Deputy National Coordination, ONC

HIMSS Virtual3/10/2020

Da Vinci Update: Provider/Payer Collaboration

Da Vinci quick overview and active discussion with Da Vinci members on the role of Da Vinci for solving VBC challenges, announced rules and their transformation to API economy.
This session begins at 2:25.

Jocelyn Keegan, Da Vinci Program Manager, Point of Care Partners

Sagran Moodley, Da Vinci Steering Chair, United Healthcare, Da Vinci Steering Committee

Hans Buitendijk, Da Vinci Steering CoChair, Cerner Corp.

Kirk Anderson, Da Vinci Steering Committee, Cambia Health

Chuck Jaffe, MD, Da Vinci Steering Committee, HL7

Deepak Sadagopan, Providence St. Joseph

Brian Patty, MD Rush Medical

Virtual Health20 Meetings3/11/2020

Thoughts on New Federal Rules
This session begins at 3:36.

Don Rucker, National Coordinator, ONCVirtual Health20 Meetings3/11/2020
Readying Industry for Payer-Provider Clinical Data Exchange RECORDING

Jocelyn Keegan, Moderator

Stephen Konya, ONC

Mike Funk, Humana

Dr. Ed Yu, Sutter Health

Alex Mugge, CMS

HIMSS Virtual3/12/2020
MRP: Medication Reconciliation Quality Measure 

Da Vinci members UnitedHealthcare and Pulse8 (part of Allscripts) will showcase the MRP use case and implementation guide with a demonstration of clinical data flow from the TouchWorks EHR to UnitedHealthcare.

RECORDINGUHC & Pulse8HIMSS Virtual3/12/2020
Da Vinci Update
CDex Connectathon4/9/2019

Clinical Scenario Q&A 

Overview of the Da Vinci Clinical Scenario for HIMSS20 and instructions for the participants.

HIMSS Virtual 11/25/2019

Da Vinci Connectathon

00:00 - Introductions
01:30 - Prior Authorization Track and Demos by Mitre
10:10 - CQL Demo by Edifecs
12:20 - DTR/PA Demo by MCG Health
16:45 - Payer Data Exchange Track
22:00 - Reference Implementation Demo by HealthLX
27:25 - Demo by Humana and Healow/eClinicalWorks
29:45 - Clinical Data Exchange Track
34:10 - Reference Implementation Demo by Interopion
39:30 - Demo by Humana
42:25 - Demo by Diameter Health
46:00 - Demo by Guidewell and Healow/eClinicalWorks
51:00 - Data Exchange for Quality Measures Track
56:20 - PDex Formularies and Demo by Mitre

Da Vinci Connectathon 5/30/2019
Da Vinci ConnectathonRECORDING
Da Vinci Connectathon5/30/2019
Da Vinci UpdateRECORDING
IBC Connectathon 12/12/2019

Da Vinci Demonstrations

DTR and Prior Auth Demo - 00:01:00 to 00:11:00
MCG Demo - 00:11:00 to 00:14:30
PDex Demo using HSPC Sandbox - 00:14:30 to 00:34:00
CDex Demo using HSPC Sandbox - 00:34:00 to 00:43:00
MaxMD Demo - 00:43:00 to 00:55:15
COL Demo using HSPC Sandbox - 00:55:15 to 00:58:27

FHIR Connectathon5/5/2019
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