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Da Vinci is a private sector initiative that addresses the needs of the Value-Based Care Community by leveraging the HL7 FHIR platform.  NEW? Join listserv on welcome page

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Project Resources

Industry Statements & Updates (download file if you encounter blank pages while viewing in Confluence)

  • Da Vinci Final response to CMS, DOL, and Treasury's RFI for Advanced Explanation of Benefits and Good Faith Estimate for Covered Individuals 20221114 Da Vinci RFI 87 FR 56905 Response.pdf
  • May 2022 Operating Principles Update; includes focus on usability.
  • Da Vinci response to ONC RFI for Electronic Prior Authorization Standards, Implementation Specifications and Certification Criteria Da Vinci ONC Response Final (3-23-2022).pdf. 
  • X12 and the HL7® Da Vinci Project Collaborate to Advance Interoperability  March 8, 2021

  • Da Vinci members release a statement, in November 2021, to advance use of Payer to Payer Data Exchange using PDex in Payer to Payer Consensus Statement here.
  • Da Vinci Steering Committee Issues a Statement on the Patient Cost Transparency Use Case. Here is the statement: “The HL7 Da Vinci Project was founded and continues to focus on solving interoperability challenges between providers, patients and payers. The pervasive reality is that patients and their care providers need accuracy and clarity on patient cost for services. Da Vinci has a well honed process to bring together impacted stakeholders to understand business challenge, identify workflow impacts and then leverage those inputs to build specific recipes, aka HL7 FHIR implementation guides, and supporting tools and materials to help solve these industry-wide challenges. Our work around data exchange required for full transparency of cost for patients dates to 2019.  The Da Vinci Steering Committee fully supports the Patient Cost Transparency use case team’s efforts to look at the long term, end to end problem, and encourages this community to take a thoughtful, incremental approach to building FHIR APIs and the necessary crosswalks to other existing and emerging standards, so we can begin to unlock these long standing industry challenges. The community should acknowledge and be informed by regulatory and potential policy inputs, and where there are external regulatory or industry dates these may inform and help prioritize the order of the work; however the work of Da Vinci is not to be constrained to only meeting regulation, expected regulation. In all of our work, the focus is to create the supporting rails and connectors to achieve semantic interoperability and deliver value for all stakeholders to begin to unleash the data needed, so industry participants can get to true price transparency for patients. We acknowledge Da Vinci’s contributions are only one part of the necessary activities to move forward.” - Published 12/17/21 To learn more about Da Vinci's progress on Price Transparency


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Position: The Gravity Project Program Manager; Da Vinci Patient Cost Transparency Co-Lead

Position: Communications Lead, HL7 Da Vinci Project and Vice President and Senior Consultant, Imprado

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