Files and wiki pages used to develop the DTR use case.



State for Sept 2019 ballot IG for May 2019 ballotPublished  Reference ImplementationIn development
 2019-05 Da Vinci - Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) TrackConnectathon 21 Track Proposal
PSS for Documentation Templates and RulesProject Scope Statement
Documentation Templates and Rules FHIR IG ProposalFHIR IG ProposalDraft
2019-04-10 11.47 DTR Connectathon Overview RecordingDTR Connectathon 21 Track Proposal Presentation
DTR Pre-Connectathon update.pptxPresentation from 4/24 Weekly Conference Call
DTR 20200121.pptxPresentation from 1/29/2020
CQL for DTR 20200129 V1.3.xlsxWorkbook for CQL "templates" from 1/29/2020
CQL for Condition.xlsxWorkbook for Condition CQL "template" starting work
Required Documentation Element White Paper-v3.docxWhite paper reviewed in PAS 5/29/20 meeting and DTR 6/3/20 meeting 
CRD and DTR Phase 2 Work Outline (as of 8/4)
May 2022 BR Connectathon Kick Off RecordingMay 2022 BR Connectathon Kick Off Recording
Da Vinci Burden Reduction Use Cases 2022-07-14 V2.0 Partial.pptxBurden Reduction History/Background
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