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Connectathon Task List

TasksConnectathon TimelineResponsible Party
Create Da Vinci Connectathon Confluence page
Da Vinci PMO
Identify Track Leads and Reference Implementation Developers - obtain commitments, finalize budget
Da Vinci PMO
Subscribe to Da Vinci Reference Implementation listserv: Reference Implementation Listserv

Track Lead

Reference Implementation Developer

Track leads to register for Connectathon event
Track Lead
PMO representative to register for Connectathon event as a track lead for track coordination purposes
Da Vinci PMO
Present AEGIS test script requirements document to track leads during Team Lead Coordination Call12 weeks priorAEGIS
Create Track Proposal using HL7 provided template6 weeks priorTrack Lead
Review Track Proposals for potential track consolidation
Da Vinci PMO
Identify Scenarios for track (part of IG development)8 weeks priorTrack Lead
Identify Operations for track (part of IG development)8 weeks priorTrack Lead
Identify Resource/Profiles for track (part of IG development)8 weeks priorTrack Lead
Ensure team is aligned regarding the FHIR version to be used for Use Case/Reference Implementation
Track Lead
Prepare test data for track8 weeks priorTrack Lead
Submit scenarios to AEGIS for test scripts, including any new scenarios for existing Reference Implementations/test scripts (using AEGIS Test Script Requirements Template)6 weeks priorTrack Lead
Provide status updates regarding AEGIS test script requirement document during Team Lead Coordination Calls
Track Lead

Identify any changes/updates that need to be made to Reference Implementation if one already exists, and communicate to Reference Implementation Developer

Track Lead

Modify Reference Implementation if applicable

Reference Implementation Developer

Get HSPC Sandboxes up and running (client and server) for new Reference Implementations

Reference Implementation Developer
Add Reference Implementation code to GitHub
Reference Implementation Developer
Identify test servers4 weeks priorTrack Lead/Reference Implementation Developer

Update track proposals with clarifications/changes learned via scenario, test script, and data preparation

Track Lead
Record a kick-off call with the community for each track
Track Lead

Bi-weekly/ weekly recurring calls with community leading up to Connectathon per track

Track Lead

Identify track participants to connect to Touchstone

Track Lead

Conduct Touchstone training or share recorded session

Follow up on participant account setup


Establish Zulip stream/communication channel

Track Lead

HL7 Connectathon registration reminders

Da Vinci registration reminders via weekly community calls, listserv/ participant surveys and identification of tracks to support room planning

Da Vinci PMO

Plan Connectathon break-out sessions/topics

2 weeks priorTrack Lead/Da Vinci PMO

Review test scripts in Touchstone and provide feedback to AEGIS (new scenarios/test scripts may not be accommodated at this time)

2 weeks prior

Track Lead/ Use Case Lead

Reference Implementation Lead

IG Author

Publish test scripts2 weeks priorAEGIS

Complete Read Out Document

  • Include Touchstone report indicating testing coverage
Sunday/close of ConnectathonTrack Lead

Revise Implementation Guide/Scenarios based on Connectathon learnings

  • Enter gforge tickets

Track Lead/Use Case Lead

IG Author

Revise test scripts based on Connectathon learnings

2 weeks post ConnectathonAEGIS

Re-evaluate Test Scripts prior to next Connectathon

In next cycle

Track Lead


Connectathon Artifacts

2019-09 Track Proposal Template

Connectathon Track Proposal Template provides overview of track scenarios and must be submitted by due date in order to participate in HL7 Connectathons

AEGIS Test Script Requirements Template

Document use case scenarios/requirements for test script development

Connectathon Read-Out TemplateReport track participants, activities, progress, findings, and action items at the end of the Connectathon
Connectathon Track Lead Responsibilities

FHIR Connectathon Track Process

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