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Chair:  David DeGandiAnna Taylor

Scribe: Dana Marcelonis





Anna TaylorMulticare
Unknown User (kashton)Multicare
Eddy Hernandez-Nieves Epic
Isaac Vetter Epic
Susan LangfordBCBST
Peter Muir
Rachel E. Foerster CAQH
Michael Flanigan Carradora
Unknown User (erussell)
Michael Westover Providence St Joseph
Frank HoneVeradigm
Cindy MonarchBCBSM
Erin WeberCAQH
Nicholas FeliciIBX
Helina GebremariamCAQH
John StaelensCambia
Keith FinlayMaxMD
Tracey McCutcheonKPMG
Anupam ThakurBCBS FL

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Agenda Topics

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ManagementReview ANSI Anti-Trust Policy

Team Introductions
  • Co-Leads
    • Dave DeGandi, Cambia
    • Anna Taylor, Multicare
  • Implementation Guide & Reference Implementation Lead - Dragon and Drajer team


Targeted for January 2020 Ballot

  • Nov 17 - NIB
  • Nov 25 - Ballot Signup Starts
  • Dec 1 - Initial Content
  • Dec 8 - QA Period Starts
  • Dec 22 - Final content
  • Dec 25 - Ballot Signup Ends
  • Dec 27 - Ballot Voting Starts
  • Jan 27 - Ballot Voting Ends

Use Case Overview
  • Question re: patients covered under value-based contract - where does that list of patients start? With employer, insurance, sponsor...
    • Attribution method is out of scope for this use case
    • Method would have already been agreed upon
  • Question re: in/out of scope - how do we move some of those interaction methods out of scope?
    • Haven't landed on definite in/out of scope interactions - want feedback from group
    • What's the most valuable features that are critical for real-world use? 80/20 rule
    • Build upon it iteratively
  • Question re: future vision - repository on payer side that could be cloned to the provider service? Risk management, CPCI settings - could tighten down the list because often the payer and provider list don't match really well - if it was automatically cloned and synchronized that would help
    • Update workflow - need to discuss how much of this we want to support
    • Is it active synchronization, or is it request/response, notification, etc...
    • GitHub type of solution to make it in sync would reduce manual workflow
    • Standard would provide tools to be able to do that, and implementation would need to make use of those tools

ManagementNext Agenda
  • Pick up where we left off on Data (slide 20)

Adjourned at 3:58pm ET

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Meeting Presentation MaterialsDa Vinci Risk Based Contract Member Identification_090419.pptx
Project Scope StatementPSS for Risk Based Contract Member Identification (Updated)

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