Familiarizing yourself with the construction of the PoCD Implementation Guide

GitHub location for PoCD Implementation Guide source


[A very good, free eBook on Git](https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2) (also available as a physical book, "Pro Git" from APress)

  • Install git. Windows and Mac versions freely downloadable, install in a few minutes. On Windows, gives you "git bash", a very useful UNIX/Linux workalike command line / scripting language with Git version contol system and handy utilites built-in. On the Mac, you don't need it - you already have a good Unix command-line environment in the "Terminal" app on every Mac.
  • Clone the PoCD implementation guide onto your computer. Get into the directory that you want to put the IG source into as a subdirectory and type:
    git clone https://github.com/HL7/uv-pocd.git
    Almost instantly, you have new "uv-pocd" subdirectory with all the source files in it. Very cool.
  • Cruise around the source code with your favorite text editor to get an idea of how it's organized, especially look into the "input" subdirectory. Notebook++ (free download - Google it) is a very good one. Windows Notebook editor is also possible but not recommended - it's very clunky and odd for anything but the most basic usage.
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