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This page includes information for completing the preparation of content for the December 2017 Ballot Cycle.

HERE is a package of detained balloting information.

Critical Dates

From: HL7 International  FHIR and V3 Ballot Schedule for January 2018 Countdown to Voting 

December 10 (Sunday):  FHIR core and base IG Substantive change freeze

Content freeze for "substantive" changes to resources. This means any changes to data element names, cardinalities, bindings, etc. - anything that might impact profiles and implementation guides based on a resource.  

December 17 (Sunday):  FHIR Content Freeze (core and IGs) - total freeze at midnight EST; clean build => QA Review

December 22 (Friday):  Provisional Ballot Opening


Simplifier => Ballot Content

Working with Furore to finalize both the process and timeline for moving IG content from Simplifer to Ballot. 


<being finalized>


<being finalized ... soon!>


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