Punch list items raised at DoF Meeting 2019-07-08 + Updates for 2019 Sept. FHIR CAT & WGM:

IssueJIRA issue link

Use cases: amplify, add more

Short comparison w/ PHD FHIR IG DOF
Examples (more examples, amplify descriptions of existing ones)


RESTful interaction details for PoCD

Add section: safety
Add section: security
Add section: privacy
Add further documentation of sample arrays

"To do" items for PoCD Implementation Guide updates in next version

#1 See "Excerpt from Stefan Karl's ..." below 

  1. Update per FHIR R3.5 → R4.0 → current build w/ Version notes
  2. HL7 V2 → FHIR mapping: Build additional page for mapping from HL7 V2 (IHE PCD Device Enterprise Communications device observation) to FHIR PoCD Implementation Guide
    1. NOTE:  Proposed DEC FHIR Option that will leverage / inform the IG V2 mapping & FHIR messaging content
  3. IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) to FHIR PoCD IG -
    1. Björn Andersen has a student, Kathrin Riech, who just finished a 11073-10207 BICEPS to FHIR mapping including profiles in Simplifier (this material will require some conversion from the Simplifier form if we continue to use traditional IG building methods).
    2. (Todd Cooper / Ken Fuchs / Stefan Schlichting) IHE SDPi "grouped" actors w/ FHIR 
    3. Consider SOMDA & MDPWS content as well, across all 4 key purposes
    4. Consider SDC-FHIR DAS / CDAS / Delegation Scenarios
  4. Safety, Security, Privacy sections to be written
  5. Sample arrays (esp. waveforms) - details of use, example

Longer-term "to do" items

  • Page on use of Messaging paradigm with Device Data
  • Development of device Alert use case and supporting resources (look into similarly titled work in DaVinci group)

Near term actions:

Stefan Karl: RESTful details (3), Examples (5)

John Rhoads: HL7 V2 mapping, Messaging paradigm details, 

Karl/Schlichting/Andersen: Kick off fusion/consolidation task force to integrate the SDC material into the general PoCD IG!

Excerpt from Stefan Karl's 2019-06-29 email first discussed at 2019-06-24 DoF PoCD Subgroup meeting:

This is my quick bullet list of what we need to work on:


  • Update to current version of the IG Publisher (this is kind of moving target)
  • Changes from FHIR version 3.5.0 to 4.0.0 (if any)
  • Upcoming changes (e. g. canonical URL for MDC code system)

Ballot resolution – see GForge tracker items:

  • Add use cases
  • Add capability statement
  • Consider “must support” flags
  • Provide guidance and examples
  • Other


  • Add an “Use Cases” section
  • Add an “Implementation Guidance” section
    • Creating a Device Model
    • Mapping from HL7 v2 to FHIR
    • Mapping from IEEE 11073-10201 to FHIR
    • Mapping from IEEE 11073-10207 to FHIR
    • RESTful Transfer
    • Other Transfer (?)
    • Safety Considerations
    • Security and Privacy Considerations
  • Add DeviceMetric and Observation profiles for Sample Arrays (waveforms)
  • Add tbd. Alert resource profiles and value sets
  • Make consistent examples

There are different ways how mappings could be documented: Tables in the text part of the IG, or adding element.mapping entries to the StructureDefinitions.

It may be worth looking at the 2-To-FHIR Project and David Hay’s blog post on this topic.

PoCD FHIR IG (0.2.0) General Review to Identify Completion Areas

The following list identifies areas of the CURRENT (0.2.0) IG that need to be completed.  The above lists may include some of the same items and others may be new.  The intent is to make sure that the implementation guide is complete for a new group of readers and indicating its completeness as is.

QUESTION:  Can we do a "clean up" version that is referenced in the "History" page and use that as the primary "pre-ballot but much better than the last ballot" version?

  1. Section: Home 
    1. "Scope and Boundaries"
      • Add PoCD scope statement
      • "Question: Include reference to what of the 11073-10201 model is out-of-bounds for this IG?"
    2. "Unique Device Identifier (UDI) IG(s)"

      • Editor: UDI Pattern IG and any other IGs.

    3. "Structure of this Guide" 
      • Editor: Provide short synopsis of the IG.
    4. "Abbreviations & Conventions"
      • Update entire section … pretty empty
    5. "Future Guide Revisions"
      • Update per current discussions
  2. Section:  Overview
    1. "####Device, subsystem" ???

    2. Review content and update
  3. Section:  Profiles
    1.  Graphic: consider using Additional graphics such as what Rhoads showed at the FHIR CAT 2019-09 .
  4. Section:  Terminology
    1. Review and assess completeness / usability for newbies reading IG
    2. Additional content w/ examples in-line?
  5. Section:  Resources
    1. Review examples especially (R4)
  6. Section:  Downloads
    1. Review 

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