How you can help Devices on FHIR

Note to participants - how to keep the list up to date with comments and labels

Unlike JIRA, Confluence doesn't really support keeping track of remarks, status changes, and assignees of issues decently.

So, we all need to pitch in to make this issue list more or less useful.

  1. If you see it, say it. That is, if you have an observation, suggestion, complaint about an issue or about something someone else has said on the issue, say your piece by adding a comment to the page for the issue. We need everyone to take responsibility for participating in this way.
  2. If there is a group consensus that the issue is resolved, make sure it is unlabelled as dof-unresolved and add the label dof-done

  3. If there is a group consensus that the issue is out of scope, make sure it is unlabelled as dof-unresolved and add the label dof-out-of-scope
  4. Mark issues with the ONE of the following labels (push the little label button near the bottom of the screen. Click the 'x' by the old label to delete it, then type the new label in the box)

These are the valid, mutually exclusive overall status states for an issue

dof-unresolvedneeds some work
dof-out-of-scopenot really part of the intended project

The following labels are "as-needed" markers. They are attributes, not members of the status enumberation

dof-needs-consensusthe group needs to study the issue and reach a consensus on how to resolve
dof-unassignedno owner has been assigned to the issue
dof-waiting-onissue on hold waiting for some external action, like resolution of URL for MDC nomenclature
dof-needs-text-writtenNo significant unresolved technical questions, just needs someone to write some text to go in the IG

Issues needing resolution

Issues needing consensus

Issues needing text written

Issues that are unassigned

Issues that are done

Out-of-Scope Issues

All items transferred from JIRA in numerical order

New issue pages

Measurement Status - assigned to John Rhoads

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  1. Apologies if this isn't the correct place for this post, I can access Jira but not sure where to create a new issue.
    Reading through the PoCD IG Home and Overview pages, I noticed a number of typos and a few options for improving readability.

    I've collected these in two Google Docs with full editor rights, so you should be able to see the comments.

    PoCD IG Home page commentary

    ToC Overview

    I am happy to create a Jira issue if I can be advised of the correct category.