Look at Point-of-Care Device slides to be given at September FHIR Connectathon along with Personal Health Devices slides given by Brian Reinhold at previous meeting


Beth Pumo, John Dyer, Paul Schluter, John Rhoads (notes)


Suggestions for the slides from today's discussion:

  • put the slides on Confluence (see below) to solicit further suggestions and to make them available early for people interested in the FHIR Connectathon Device Track
  • add a diagram showing MDS - VMD etc hierarchy in the abstract next to a concrete physiological monitor example
  • Take on the question of "why bother with standards in general and FHIR in particular" by strengthening the material on device to EMR and other hospital system interfacing, emphasizing current obstacles and costs to provider institutions from 400+ proprietary device protocols and 20+ flavors of EMR input specifications (Center for Medical Interoperability, Paul Schluter) and corresponding irregularities of identifying measurements with standardized vocabularies
  • Note that the "roach motel" syndrome (data goes in, but never comes out) of excessive obstacles to downstream uses of device data like repositories and analytics, and FHIR as a medium well-suited to such uses
  • Emphasize that besides the clinical value, there is great potential for FHIR in uses for the "care and feeding of devices": for example supporting the communication of software versions and the need for upgrades
  • Show a sample message to give a visual impression of what is involved in sending point-of-care device data via FHIR

Here are the slides as presented at the teleconference. Slides updated in accordance with the suggestions given in the conference will be made available ASAP. (This is version 2, more recent than the one that was put here earlier on 2019-08-28, the day of the meeting - John R).

2019-09 Devices Track

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