Updates concerning September 14-15 Atlanta FHIR Connectathon preparation and other work


Brian Reinhold, Joe Quinn, John Dyer, John Garguilo, Koichiro Matsumoto, Henry Ogoe, Ana Kostadinovska, Martin Rosner


News: maturity level of Device resources raised to 2 from 0. This is a significant milestone in the journey to practical use of the resource and use cases that depend on it, including the DoF Implementation Guides for Personal Health Devices (PHD) and for Point of Care Devices (PoCD). We discussed how this can be best leveraged for further progress to FHIR Maturity Level 3 (involving recruiting more implementers on producer and consumer sides as well as QA tasks).

Webinar presentations before Connectathon: Brian has a complete draft of slides for the PHD part of the presentation. John is working on PoCD slides.

Demo materials for the FHIR Connectathon: LNI / Continua PHD uploader and command-line consumer (also at least partially applicable to PoCD data), Philips PoCD uploader

In progress: handouts with exercises for Connectathon

Adjourned. Next meeting (due to previous agreement to summer dialback to alternate weeks): Wednesday 21 August, usual time and place (9 ET, FreeConferenceCall)

Links to reference pages:

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2019-09 Devices Track

FHIR Connectathons (principles)

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