1. Personal Health Device IG Status
  2. IG Tooling
  3. Maturity Level of IG in relation to maturity of resources used


  • Ana Kostadinvovska
  • Paul Schluter
  • Brian Reinhold
  • Martin Rosner
  • Stefan Karl
  • John Rhoads (notes)

Discussion Notes

  1. PHD IG - due to withdrawal of negative votes, document has now passed approval threshold.
  2. ACTION: Martin will lead additional meetings to write up comment resolutions will be held Friday 8 AM EST on the dof FreeConferenceCall facility and then submitted for vote in this (Wednesday 9:30) meeting series.
  3. Document is ready to ballot in May ballot round - NIB will be prepared and submitted
  4. Discussion of questions about optionality of patient information. Brian states that in underlying 11073 documents, Personal Health Information (PHI) is not included in observation reporting from the devices, including any identification number that directly maps to an identifiable institutional ID. Correlation of observations and identity is done out-of-band rather than in the FHIR resources.
  5. To be determined from FHIR leaders: how is maturity level of an IG related to / constrained by maturity level of FHIR resources used (for example, Device resource maturity level has been reset to 0 after recent major changes. How will this progress?

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