PHD Implementation Guide status report (Brian, Martin) 

PoCD Implementation Guide work

Amsterdam DevDays report (Stefan)


Beth Pumo

Stefan Karl

Brian Reinhold

Ana Kostadinovska

Koichiro Matsumoto

Chris Courville

Martin Rosner

John Rhoads (notes)


Beth points out that this meeting and the Monday one have disappeared from HL7 Conference calls listing. This is because the notice "timed-out" due to HL7 limits on how long you can schedule a meetnig to go on.

ACTION: John to re-add these meetings

Brian reports many confusing error messages related to examples in building IG with IGPublisher. 

Stefan reports similar problems prior to September publication of PoCD IG. FHIR Management Group requests discussion of the reasons for such messages (real errors? Errors in the validation processing itself?)

Stefan reported his observations on Amsterdam DevDays. Increase in number of attendees, numerous "first timers", more companies represented, big companies including Google and Microsoft are strongly represented. Much attention to "big data" analytic work, including the device-related "reducing nuisance alarms" issue.

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