Status report for Implementation Guide Projects

  • Changes in IG tooling

Personal Health Device Implementation Guide for January Ballot - Review Notice of Intent to Ballot (Rosner)


Stefan Karl
Brian Reinhold 
George Dixon 
Beth Pumo
John Rhoads (presiding co-chair, notes)  
Martin Rosner
Paul Schluter


Brian is using 'in-progress' Implementation Guide Tool (see Zulip stream). He notes that:

  • StructureDefinition content has changed: package field has become grouping + grouping ID
  • be careful of harmful material you might have left over in your cache
  • current problem with output directory location of artifacts

Current state of PHD: essentially complete except for CapabilityStatement

Stefan: since PoCD IG has a usable IG now, new IG development can afford to wait a bit until IG tool ecosystem stabilizes.

Other things to note:

"Using MDC page" is now in the build for the FHIR R4 specification

Next step on MDC is machine-readable resources on canonical URLs

Vote on issuing Notice of Intent to Ballot - Personal Health Device Implementation Guide

  • Moved/seconded/for-against-abstain: Rosner/Reinhold 5-0-0

Action Items:

  1. Submit NIB via HL7 website (Rhoads)
  2. Find out what FHIR Ballot Process item "Oct. 31 Final posting" exactly means and fulfill it (Rosner and Rhoads)

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