News of FHIR R4 last-minute activities before Friday deadline

PHD Block Vote 7

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Koichiro Matsumoto
Stefan Karl
Brian Reinhold
John Dyer
Martin Rosner
Myron Finseth
Michael Faughn
Paul Schluter

John Rhoads, presiding co-chair and notes 


PoCD Resolution spreadsheet submitted

Reports on joint work with O-O on Device, recent work on adding medication information to DeviceDefinition added yesterday: Rik Smithies working with Jose to add them if possible by Friday deadline, otherwise they will be dealt in the ballot comment process. Paul Schluter brought up question of UCUM usage that may arise. This level of detail was not available yesterday - if there are problems with what is submitted there will be an opportunity for ballot comments on this as well.

Device changes being put in build by Jose Teixiera, Stefan has pointed out some omissions; they will be corrected

PHD Block Vote 7 was emailed out by Martin Rosner. It was displayed and discussed.

  • Discussion: These were mostly comments that are basically made moot by the merging of DeviceComponent into Device. 
  • No concerns were expressed with resolutions making this point.
  • Acceptance of the resolutions was moved by Rosner, seconded by Reinhold. Vote was 8-0-0 to accept

Further discussion of whether, and if yes, how the PoCD IG could be prepared in a way that allows getting comments and allowing trial implementations to be tested. This is made difficult by problems with the IG tooling - the StructueDefinition in machine-readable form are a critical component but not currently possible to build into the IG. Still, there may be a way to meet the essential needs to meet the goals of getting comments and advancing implementations.

Consensus was yes, if possible. Actual HL7 requirements will have to be checked to make sure this isn't a non-starter. 

Actions: Stefan and John will research the feasibility in view of formal requirements and what can be achieved in the very short time available. PoCD group will meet as usual Monday at 11 am ET, everyone invited since findings and discussion may be helpful to PHD group, going forward. Decision should be established at Wednesday meeting next week.

Agenda items for next meeting DoF 2018-08-15 Weekly Meeting - PHD Block Vote 8, decision on PoCD IG

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