Approve submission of Notes of Intent to Ballot for:

HL7 FHIR Personal Health Device Implementation Guide

HL7 FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide


John Dyer (Draeger), Stefan Karl, Brian Reinhold, Ana Kostadinovska, Michael Faughn, Beth Pumo, Paul Schluter

Meeting Notes 

Notice of Intent to Ballot PHD and PoCD Proposed

Moved by Brian Reinhold, Seconded by Stefan Karl: 8-0-0

John has filled in the form for PHD Notice of Intent to Ballot, will submit

Description of PoCD submission: "The proposed document is a FHIR STU Implementation Guide for a Point-of-Care medical device, specifically a method for making available clinical observations on a patient from a physiological monitor including ECG and pulse oximetry data.

Changes to reflect comments received in 2018-Jan informative ballot, and adjustments needed due to changes in underlying FHIR resource definitions."


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