Review of ongoing device kind vs. instance discussion with Orders and Observations


George Dixon (Allscripts)
Brian Reinhold (LNI)
Michael Faughn (Prometheus Computing)
Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden)
Paul Schluter (Center for Medical Interoperability)
Ana Kostadinovska (Philips)
Chris Courville (Epic)
John Rhoads (presiding co-chair, notes)

Meeting notes

Chris Courville brought up for comparison the case of:

After group discussion of the implications of the general issue and the effects on our current use cases, a motion was made to communicate to O & O that the proposed content of DeviceDescription and Device (or DeviceInstance if that name is chosen) are acceptable if provisions are made to continue to make it possible to continue to use Device without requiring a corresponding DeviceDescription when that meets the needs of the use case.
Moved by Reinhold, seconded by Faughn, adopted with 7 in favor, none against, no abstentions.

Meeting adjourned

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