Last meeting: DoF 2018-04-11 Weekly Meeting

Presiding Co-chair: John Rhoads

Attendance: Chris Courville (Epic), Brian Reinhold (LNI/PCHA), Michael Faughn (Prometheus Computing / NIST), John Garguilo (NIST), Stefan Karl (Philips), John Dyer (Draeger), Ana Kostadinovska (Philips)


PHD ballot comments

PoCD ballot comment votes

More discussion of Device and related FHIR resources


PHD Ballot comment resolution group vote (Reinhold)

Several suggested comment resolutions were presented and discussed. Chair ruled that in order to be ready to vote, the resolutions needed to be already recorded in gForge so that members were clear on what they were voting on. Therefore, only the following items meeting that condition were voted on.

A quorum being present, acceptance of proposed resolutions for gForge items was moved, seconded and submitted to a vote (Reinhold, Karl: 6-0-1)





Pont-of-Care Device IG comment resolutions

The following proposed resolutions were moved, seconded and submitted to a vote (Karl / Reinhold: 7-0-0






Continuation of Device Modeling, continued

Brian Reinhold discussed the Personal Health Device (PHD) implications of S. Karl's suggested revision of the contents of the Device resource. It was deemed compatible with PHD requirements. This was the consensus view of those present.

Rhoads gave an update on Monday's Orders and Observations UDI subgroup discussion of Device and related FHIR resources, said he will try to find presentations for distribution to this group.

Next meeting: DoF 2018-04-25

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