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This page provides a summary of the Devices On FHIR endeavors, both proposed projects (PSS Proposals), Approved proposals that are being formalized (PSS on Confluence forms), and active fully approved projects.

NOTE:  Each project will have its own set of Confluence pages - the information below is solely to support tracking and project management by the HL7 DEV WG team.

See also the related projects page for HL7 Devices (DEV Projects).


PSS Proposal


PSS Form


DEV Projects

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Status / Notes / Issues
1277FHIR for Device Data Reporting (original project from 2016 August)

DEV-1277Devices on FHIR2021-03-22 -  Complete current project in 2021 / early 2022 with publication of PHD & PoCD IGs.  Successor is 1660 below
1643FHIR IG for Device Information Client ApplicationsPSSinJ-1643PSSinC-1643

2021-03-22 - Need for this PSS is greater than ever, but need a Project Lead to take it forward.

2020-09-22 - Will advance based on related work for the 2020-11 FHIR DevDays presentations.

1545Gemini SDPi+FHIR Device InteroperabilityPSSinJ-1545PSSinC-1545
Gemini SDPi+FHIR

2021-03-22 - Project PSS needs to be completed BUT is also currently in Project Insight (!!!);  For 3 Year Plan, identify the deliverables & schedule for '21 & '22 especially.  NOTE:  That the 1652 (deprecated) deliverabls are integrated into this project

2020-09-22 - Reviewed & updated PSS form and approved at WG level.

1652Gemini SDPi+FHIR Technical ReportsPSSinJ-1652PSSinC-1652

PSS Accepted; drafting confluence form

2020-09-22 - Merge this project / TR's into project 1545.

1658FHIR for Device Data ReportingPSSinJ-1658

PSS Proposal in DRAFT stage; not submitted for review; Given #1660 ... is this draft PSS still needed?

2020-09-22 - WG agreed to depreciate this PSS proposal (initial draft)


1660Devices on FHIR - Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide (2nd Edition)PSSinJ-1660

2021-03-22 - Need to advance the PSSinC Confluence form and advance through approval process, which will include deliverables & milestones for Dr. Hurrell's 3 Year Plan!  

PSS Accepted; Starting PSS form

2020-09-22 - Discussed at WGM; Chris Courville will initiate creation of the PSSinC-1660 page and form

1615Current Gemini MDI project

In Project Insight but never completed the PSS process; that has now been restarted (2022.03.07) via PSS-1980 in Jira ... TBD if the project stays 1980 and 1615 disappears or if the Jira item is updated to 1615.

DoF Alerting - Project Considerations

As the DoF team continues to advance work on the definition of a new FHIR Resource:  DeviceAlert, the question of an HL7 project home (PSS) has been discussed but never finalized.  This section is a starter home for that discussion on   weekly HL7 DEV  meeting, but may get migrated elsewhere when appropriate.  

PSSScopeUpside / Why?Downside / Why Not?Discussion / Rationale
1660DoF PoCD IG (2nd Edition)Already a topic in the scope; project already on the booksLost in the mix; with a new FHIR resource, the development timeline may be challenged; 2nd edition project currently includes "alerting" support, but also waveforms, SDPi requirements, SDC mapping, etc. 
1615Gemini SDPi+FHIR Provides a clear HL7 deliverable to the project; aligned with the SDPi-A profileLost in the mix; why alerting vs. other project deliverables?See also PSS-1980 in Jira (note in table above).  Project is currently focused primarily on IHE profiles & CA with references / profiles of HL7 only;  NOTE:  No clear means of addressing formal standards projects
newDoF AlertingFocused topic; development trajectory w/ new FHIR resource is decoupled from other projects; may be easier to profile in the SDPi-A  profile's FHIR gateway; lay approach for possible later "control" topicOverhead of an additional project; alerting info possibly in multiple places (specs)SDPi-A + PoCD FHIR IG can both reference and profile this IG.  

Discussion Notes

  HL7 DEV Weekly

  1. Reviewed the table above with options
  2. Discussion:
    1. Balancing between project/deliverable multiplicity (and purity) vs. project/deliverable simplicity (and potential complexity)
    2. Focus on making it as easy as possible for the implementer / IG user ... a "Start Here" approach 
    3. OR you have to first understand the foundational PoCD IG capabilities as well
    4. Given the new FHIR resource in the core specification - DeviceAlert - it is good for those wanting to understand how alerting is working
    5. DeviceAlert would be a primary deliverable for the <new> project 
  3. DECISION:  
    1. ACTION( John Rhoads  Todd Cooper ) Draft a new Device Alerting PSS in Jira for initial DEV WG review   (per the discussion above)
    2. Motion:  Brian / Stefan ... motion approved unanimously

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