This is the project space for the HL7 Health Care Devices "Devices on FHIR" project.

The goal here is to push forward FHIR profile StructureDefinitions and Implementation Guides for both personal health and point of care (acute care) devices for use cases beginning with straightforward device observation reporting for numerics, enumerations and waveforms providing for full traceability from observations to identity and characteristics of the device and subsystem that sourced them.

The next phase will be to provide for representing both physiological events and alerts of clinical significance, and technical alerts to technology managers for surveillance for error states or upcoming maintenance needs.

Devices on FHIR Implementation Guides

NOTE:   The two IGs are actively being updated in the DoF working group.  

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The Devices on FHIR project now has a Confluence space to hold pages with project information, meeting notes, specifications and supporting material in progress.  Note that there are still Health Care Devices pages, including meeting pages, being added to the "old" wiki (see the link and additional linked pages.…