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  3. DeviceAlert FHIR Resource Proposal - Final Review & Approval to Submit
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Regrets: John Rhoads will be in the D.C. area participating in the IHE Devices Domain Face-to-Face. 

Todd Cooper (TC), John Donnelly (JD), Ralf Herzog (RH), Martin Hurrell (MH), Stefan Karl (SK), Joseph Quinn (JQ), Martin Rosner (MR), Elliot Silver (ES), Marti Velezis (MV)

Meeting Notes

WGM recap and questions

Outstanding action items were discussed.

WG Health Metrics: TC said the key follow-up action is to confirm engagement of LOINC/11073 in relation to SHIELD and ONC-1 comments. MV said that she was actively engaged with SHIELD within FDA and that she and Kosta can help to coordinate the SHIELD activities within this group.

Verify CEN 251 group number: TC confirmed this is CEN 251 WG 2. Alpo Arvi is the convenor.

Device Alert FHIR Resource Proposal and project timescale: MR said that he had sent an email to confirm that he will join the meeting next week.

Maturity of Device Metric: MV said that an aim should be to move Device Metric (and other resources) up to 'normative' for R6. TC added that implementations and testing will be needed, MV commented that there is a need to synchronize Device metric with other Device Module resources. The need s to be able to implement FHIR 'device-ready' solutions. R6 is about 2 years away, possibly more, and a the very soonest might be out at the end of 2024.


TC: said that there was a presentation in Q4, Thursday. TC did an update for WG 2.  He suggested a proposal concept, circulated to the HL7 community to scope.  TC then ran through the presentation and described the collaboration between ISO and HL7. Todd said that the presentation had been well received by WG 2. He went on to list actions coming out of the New Orleans meeting (FHIR CAT) viz.

  • to look at the proposal (PHN)
  • start with a White Paper
  • show how this fits in across HL7 IGs
  • create a robust community

Todd asked for approval to go ahead. JD asked if we were thinking of bringing in clinical guidance or confining it to self-management of health. TC reviewed the 'Personicle' (Personal health Chronicle. MR commented that other WGs might help by participating in the work on the White Paper.


Motion: 'HL7 approves submitted PHN proposal in HL7 PSS 2197'

Proposed by TC, seconded by MR. For: 8, Against: 0, Abstentions: 1. The motion was carried.

DeviceAlert FHIR Resource Proposal

Motion: 'To submit the DeviceAlert resource proposal in its current form'

Proposed by TC, seconded by ES. For: 9, Against: 0, Abstentions: 0. The motion was carried unanimously.

ONC HTI-1 comments from DEV WK - ONC HTI-1 Comments from HL7 DEV WG

TC said that it was not clear what the implications were for device interoperability. He said that Ken Fuchs is taking a first look at what comments we might consider making and this will be discussed on 31 May. TC noted that the deadline is 20 June. 


Module: Devices

Model in Miro: (comment and view only. Contact Marti to edit)

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