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Todd Cooper, Javier Espina Perez, John Donnelly, John Garguilo, Stefan Karl, Tom Kowalczyk, Joe Quinn, Brian Reinhold, Elliot Siver

Regrets: Marti Velezis, Martin Hurrell

Meeting notes

  1. Other business: Todd Cooper - The SDPi project has a new publication repository on the HL7 Github. This is a  of the IHE-HL7 Gemini agreement and a policy for putting other information from the HL7 DEV workgroup (particularly Gemini) projects that accords with existing HL7 Github governance practices. This should have the concurrence of HL7 Github principals including Grahame Grieve, Lloyd McKenzie , John Moehrke and publishing principals including Joshua Procious Daniel Vreeman and Christopher Carr 
  2. Resumed consideration of unresolved PHD IG (Personal Health Devices Implementation Guide) JIRAs: 
    FHIR-24877 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    Resolution proposed:
    Gateways are free to add alternative codes in the current state of the IG, and for Vital Signs, LOINC codes are required not optional, in addition to MDC codes.
    Having the DEVICE send the alternative codes, requires a change to the underlying IEEE 11073-20601, which does not currently provide for codes other than the IEEE 11073-10101 Nomenclature standard (MDC code).
    VOTE: Motion to find "Not persuasive" and enter this resolution: Brian Reinhold / Elliot Silver : 10-0-1


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