No agenda published in advance.  Wednesday's are generally non-JIRA ticket topic reviews.


Todd Cooper  Brian Reinhold  Stefan Karl  Koichiro Matsumoto  Martin Hurrell  John J. Garguilo  Joseph Quinn  Brian Witkowski Marti Velezis Martin Rosner Tom Kowalczyk 

Regrets:  John Rhoads  

Meeting Notes

  1. PSS-2171 - Getting issue details... STATUS Adverse Event Clinical Research PSS 
    1. Motion:  Approve DEV as a co-sponsor for this PSS for WGM updates covering potential relevance to devices.  (Marti Velezis  moved; Martin Rosner; unanimous approval )  
  2. Updates on non-JIRA tickets
    1. Module: Devices Discussion (updates made directly to page) 
      1. Discussed the categorization of the module / page association; ...
      2. NOTES:  Added directly to module page (linked above)
    2. May WGM Schedule Review
      1. Added DEV to OO Thursday Q2 to discuss module page and other issues
  3. JIRA Ticket Review - no time remaining
    1. Given the holidays and low participation, the Monday DoF call will be canceled; this group will reconvene next Wednesday  


 JIRA Tickets from Device Module page

FHIR-40397 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-38712 - Create ExampleScenarios for the Device resources TRIAGED

FHIR-38917 - Add example of and/or guidance on how to associate device settings with clinical observations DEFERRED

FHIR-39046 - Critical use cases for Device(Dispense) DEFERRED

FHIR-39244 - Add example of and/or guidance on how to associate device settings with clinical observations. See ticket FHIR-38917 DEFERRED

FHIR-39369 - Examples listed in the profile pages of the profiles listed on the "Device Metric Observation Profile" page are misleading TRIAGED

FHIR-39688 - Device resource needs semantically accurate structure for setting device function parameters TRIAGED

FHIR-40335 - Clarify use of Obvervation.subject, .device, and .focus for devices TRIAGED

FHIR-40384 - Need to distinguish device-created from transcribed observations TRIAGED

FHIR-40455 - Add DeviceAssociation examples RESOLVED - CHANGE REQUIRED

FHIR-40568 - AI models should be Devices TRIAGED

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