1. Vote resolutions on DeviceMetric JIRA Items


Steven Dain, John Donnelly, Ralf Herzog, Stefan Karl, Tom Kowalczyk, Paul Petronelli, Brian Reinhold, Elliot Siver, Marti Velezis 

Meeting Notes

  1. Motion by Mati Velesiz, seconded by Brian Reinhold and approved 11 - 0 - 0 to resolve the following JIRA items as "Not persuasive, because obsolete" e.g. because DeviceComponent resource no longer exists:

2.  FHIR-23762 - Getting issue details... STATUS Comment - accepted, vote not required

3. FHIR-33534 - Getting issue details... STATUS  DeviceMetric availability, used as extension in FHIR PoCD IG (FHIR Point of Care Device Implementation Guide)  -  Motion by Stefan Karl, seconded by Brian Reinhold, 11 - 0- 1 to resolve as "Persuasive, change required" to add it as an element to the DeviceMetric core resource

4.  FHIR-33648 - Getting issue details... STATUS approved-jurisdiction extension in FHIR PoCD IG, semantics based on IEEE service-oriented device interoperability standards - ACTION: Marti Velezis to look at this: how does it differ from jurisdiction in DeviceDefinition


Device JIRA issues

DeviceDefinition JIRA issues

DeviceMetric JIRA issues

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