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Todd Cooper, Javier Espina Perez, John Donnelly, Stefan Karl, Tom Kowalczyk, Koichiro Matsumoto, Joe Quinn, Elliot Siver, Marti Velezis, Brian Witkowski

Meeting Notes

  1. Elliot reported on progress made on DeviceMetric changes that were initially declined, but due to other ongoing schedule changes, Elliot succeeded in getting permission and then implementing. See references below, and JIRA approved resolutions that were applied
  2. Grahame Grieve is requesting helpful labor on outstanding general FHIR Mapping Language. Elliot Silver and John Rhoads (though JR admits limited knowledge) will look into helping.
  3. Marti reported on related changes successfully applied to Device and related resources. See latest builds and JIRA lists..
  4. One remaining item arises from an invariant desired for Device.version.components and .type to fend off confusing use of the version backbone - consensus of experts is that FHIRPath does not allow satisfactory realization of the invariant. The consensus of the group is that a good mitigation would be a addition of the text "The meaning of versions with duplicate component and type combinations is not defined." after existing text under Device.version.component.
  5. DEV WG consensus vote: Motion by Mart Velezis, and seconded by Elliot Silver passed 8 in favor, none opposed and none abstaining,  to express the consensus of Device WG representatives present to create a JIRA item to that effect of the previous item, and apply it. Since Device is an OO resource, the suggestion will be presented to an OO meeting for definitive vote.
  6. The group sincerely thanks Elliot and Marti for effectuating the DeviceMetric, Device and other changes that have been made recently.


Gg 202303 devicemetric color #2815

Pull Request 2783 DeviceMetric changes

Device JIRA issues

DeviceDefinition JIRA issues

DeviceMetric JIRA issues

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