• Any more to be said about hasPart / parent in Device?
  • Any more to be said about Specialization?
  • DeviceMetric issues
  • Other issues re: Device


Javier Espina Perez, Grant Forrest, John Garguilo, Stefan Karl, Joe Quinn, Elliot Siver, Marti Velezis

Meeting Notes

  • If Device.specialization is renamed .conformsTo, definitions / detailed definitions should refer to IEEE specializations to help readers coming from R4
  • on all bindings where appropriate make sure that example bindings are referred to as such, and other bindings are permitted
  • What belongs in .property and what belongs in .conformsTo needs to be clarified 
  • Relevant determinations with respect to DeviceDefinition expected at Friday OO Catalog call on 18th (every other week call)
  • DEV members should look at Device / DeviceDefinition as they stand in the Core spec, with particular attention to definitions for e.g. .specialization


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