1. Device and Device Definition in FHIR R5: role of parent and hasPart: implications for device data use cases?
    1. Is there "one true way"?
    2. Are there significant problems in including "two true ways" in Device?
    3. What communicating device scenarios may use a DeviceDefinition?
  2. Mission and Charter needs revision and metadata on adoption vote... says the TSC


Todd Cooper, Javier Espina Perez, Grant Forrest, John Garguilo, Ralf Herzog, Stefan Karl, Tom Kowalczyk, Koichiro Matsumoto, Joe Quinn, Martin Rosner, Elliot Siver, Marti Velezis, John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

  1. Todd Cooper will be absent from next meetings; he will be in Germany for a 2-week workshop on progressing the 1.0 SDPi Integration Profile document
  2.  Note action items from HL7 September WGM on Project Proposals and Project Scope Statements. Todd to launch PSS for Safe Effective and Secure Remote Monitoring for the ISO meeting in Sapporo in January
  3. Action item for Devices on FHIR: consider what can be prepared for FHIR Connectathon in January
  4. Discussion of parent and hasPart fields in Device and DeviceDefinition resources in FHIR Core
    1. Elliott Silver notes that it has not been customary to have both kinds of link in comparable situations
    2. Considerations are likely different between the use cases for device instances and device kind (represented by DeviceDefinition)
    3. John Rhoads: preferring 'parent' is rational for a strict containment hierarchy of device instances
    4. Stefan Karl points out that the normal order of creation of resources points from a new resource instance to an existing parent resource, for example in an Observation (pointing to the existing (persistent) Device or DeviceMetric resource of its source
    5. Javier Espina: DevceDefinition, giving both hasPart and parent with guidance as to which is appropriate for specific kinds of use cases
    6. Marti: desirable to discuss in multiple meetings to get opinions from multiple "constituencies" of potential users. The Monday 3 pm ET Health Care Products meetings of the Orders and Observations WG are where this has been mostly discussed, but this is not a "Europe-friendly" meeting time so special one-off meetings may be needed
    7. Action item (Marti): will make special Confluence item for capturing ideas about this issue (see below for link)


Device resource in the current build

DeviceDefinition in the current build

Mission and charter on current Devices landing page

After meeting: Device - Device Definition Parent/HasPart Confluence page created by Marti after meeting

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