1. Accessing current value of a setting, correlated with Observation
  2. Rewrites on Rationale


John Garguilo, Stefan Karl, Tom Kowalczyk, Joe Quinn, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads, Elliot Siver

Meeting Notes

  • Recall that O&O had previously suggested creating a link via hasMember element of the clinical Observation to the settings observation
  • Action: Elliot Silver Collecting settings in a couple of use cases and bringing back to O&O for discussion
  • Other ways than encoding that an observation is a setting in its observation code: see DeviceMetric - Brian brings in PHD IEEE 111073-20601 cases where, say, height could be a setting or a measurement, problems from infeasibility of changing code in very many gateway devices. 
  • Possibility of adding a code (but redundant with DeviceMetric with potential for confusion). No customer request for this at present.
    Aside: status of PCHA and (separately) HIMSS funding for Personal Connected Health activities going forward. Javier: will be discussed at IHE DEV PCH program meeting in early September.
  • Action John Rhoads research a method for making the contents of the chat window copyable


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