1. DEV WG and other organizations
    1. Acute care
    2. Out-of-hospital care
    3. Wellness
  2. What needs attention
    1. Particular needs in Anesthesia IG
      1. Mapping conceptual models to FHIR particulars
      2. ValueSets
      3. Device, Observation, DeviceUse, 
    2. Wide interoperability everywhere


Elliot Silver Koichiro Matsumoto Stefan Karl Martin Hurrell John J. Garguilo Brian Reinhold Martin RosnerMarti Velezis Javier Espina, Joe Quinn

Meeting Notes

Use Cases -

invasive device inserted - entry point (DeviceUse somewhat covers), path, target - connecting the information in FHIR

matter of guidance


Getting there through extensions 

+ gets you a whole different level of creating innovations

may be less effective in getting the innovations and shared where there ought to be

Actions: Martin Hurrell Use case start

Marti Velezis Venous access use case

What you want to capture

Realtion to existing pieces and gaps

Ways of approaching the gaps via extensions

What are the real FHIR resource needs if any

Martin H; one need is an ontology of the involved device kinds especially for "dumber" devices

multiple "component" (broad sense) systems

FHIR resource Procedure as wrapper - P with P with .. ("fractal")

Something completely different - clearing Jira issues when the existing issues applied

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