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Todd Cooper  Martin Hurrell  Martin Rosner  Marti Velezis   Stefan Karl  John Donnelly  John J. Garguilo  Tom Kowalczyk  John Rhoads  Koichiro Matsumoto 

Discussion Notes

  1. General Update - everyone is still "recovering" or catching up from the long weekend ... so most action items from the previous Wednesday meeting   will be continued over this week to  
    1. Especially review of Device Scope & Boundary update
    2. Updating samples may take a bit longer based on (4) below
  2. PSS-1936  – TSC Approved the project scope statement for FHIR IG for Intra-Procedural Anesthesia Records ... congratulations Martin Hurrell !!!  
  3. PSS-1980 SES+MDI & PSS-2005 DEVAL both remain in "TSC REVIEW" status
  4. FHIR Device Updates (see References below)
    1. Marti Velezis  led the group in a review of the open Jira items that should be resolved going forward
    2. Todd Cooper  will provide Marti with slides from pre-COVID regarding "What is a device?" which might be updated to the Scope-Boundary-Relationships text 
    3. Review of identified a number of data element fields that need to be updated;
      1. Marti Velezis  will review / update these data elements ...
      2. Specifically:  specialization, property, operationalState, associationState, link/gateway and addition of outstanding value sets
    4. Martin Rosner  Will update the examples to de-identify specific companies AFTER Marti updates the data field updates above
  5. NOTE:  The annual AAMI conference + ISO/TC 215 working group meetings are next week ... so some of the normal participants in these meetings will be out of the office


Device Scope-Boundary-Relationships

Device Name Type

2022-04-27 Wednesday DEV WG and DoF Agenda and Minutes see discussion of PSS procedures with recommendation for new DEV routine

DEV WGM Notes (thank you John Garguilo!): Meeting Notes: May 2022 Virtual - IEEE 11073 General Committee / IEEE-PoCD WG / HL7 DEV Devices WG 

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