• More on FHIR Shorthand potentially useful for this group


Meeting Notes

FHIR Shorthand overview. continued

  • how to set up computer
  • examples of usage
  • GoFSH - experiments with PoCD IG
  • More on FHIR shortcuts (Andy Iverson)
  • Visual Studio Code (quick and easy download on Windows and MacOS, be careful to distinguish from Visual Studio, a heavyweight Integrated Development Environment mainly for C#, recommended only if you have a use for it)
  • MCODE IG a good example of a well-done, large-ish IG making good use of FHIR Shorthand - well worth gettig from github and having a look

To see how it looks as an IG:

To get from github:



Some working documents for the DeviceAlert project:

DoF: Alerting

DeviceAlert reference pages

Draft DeviceAlert element definitions mockup

Draft DeviceAlert structure mockup

Draft DeviceAlert rationale mockup

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