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Todd Cooper   John J. Garguilo   Martin Hurrell  Martin Rosner    Javier Espina  Koichiro Matsumoto  Stefan Karl  

Carsten Mueglitz

Regrets:  John Rhoads   

Meeting Notes

WGM Follow-up  -

  1. Draft WGM notes have been posted - see Reference below - please review and update 
  2. Gemini SES+MDI (Friday the 13th!) Update slides have been posted HERE
    1. Note that the 2nd set of slides focusing on CA & Tooling '22 Strategy were not presented Friday due to lack of time
    2. Recordings of both should be posted below the slide decks this week 
  3. HL7 (IEEE/IHE) September '22 WGM room reservations made 
    1. 36th Annual Plenary and Working Group Meeting, Sep 17, 2022 to Sep 23, 2022 - Renaissance Harbor Place Hotel, Baltimore, MD
    2. This will be an in-person meeting; though as in years past, the DEV WG will endeavor to provide some audio / Zoom connection to the meetings for remote participation 
    3. HL7 DEV reserved quarters include:
      1. Monday Q3 - Q4
      2. Tuesday - Thursday Q1 - Q4
      3. Friday - no meeting
      4. Joint IEEE - All Tuesday blocked off BUT TBD per the IEEE 11073 PoCD WG (secretary Konstantinos Makrodimitris
      5. Joint OO Tuesday Q1
      6. Joint MH Thursday Q3
    4. PHD Participation in September WGM's?
      1. Martin Rosner  reported that after discussion with the IEEE PHD leadership about a possible IEEE 11073 PHD focused "official" meeting on Tuesday or during the week, it was decided that there will not be sufficient IEEE co-chair representation on site to conduct the meeting
      2. ACOM on FHIR - another topic that may be added to the September agenda, though, had to do with PHD-related projects within the HL7 / FHIR space.
        1. For example, the IEEE 11073-10206 ACOM standard should be through final ballot and possibly even published by September;
        2. Consider launching an "ACOM on FHIR" (or some other silly name (smile)  Project Proposal this summer and then queueing it up for discussion in September.  This would focus on updates to the PHD FHIR IG to support the emerging ACOM standard 

Any Other Business - 

  1. PSS-1936 FHIR IG for Intra-Procedural Anesthesia Records 
    1. Martin Hurrell  reported that Anne confirmed that since the PSS was targeting an "informational" ballot, it does not need 2+ implementers in order for TSC approval
      1. The TSC recently voted to not approve the PSS since two "implementers" were not indicated on the form; Martin ... following the latest version of the HL7 PSS rules ... had assumed that as the rules clearly stated, implementers were not required until STU or other ballot is intended
      2. Not clear where this stands now ... waiting for the TSC to respond to this latest development 
      3. Question:  What constitutes an "implementer"?  Someone who shows up at a FHIR CAT?  A company that is considering developing product to the spec?  An organization that wants to purchase and use technology conformant to the spec?  Two guys and their dogs who plan on cobbling together an implementation in their garages?  ???  
      4. Question:  Is it easier to "bite the bullet" now, transition to an STU ballot target and find 2+ implementers vs. staying with "informative" ballot and transitioning later?


DEV WGM Notes (thank you John Garguilo!): Meeting Notes: May 2022 Virtual - IEEE 11073 General Committee / IEEE-PoCD WG / HL7 DEV Devices WG 

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