• More on FHIR Shorthand potentially useful for this group


Todd Cooper, John Garguilo, Martin Hurrell, Stefan Karl, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

FHIR Shorthand overview. continued

  • how to set up computer
  • examples of usage
  • GoFSH - experiments with PoCD IG
  • More on FHIR shortcuts (Andy Iverson)
  • Visual Studio Code (quick and easy download on Windows and MacOS, be careful to distinguish from Visual Studio, a heavyweight Integrated Development Environment mainly for C#, recommended only if you have a use for it)
  • MCODE IG a good example of a well-done, large-ish IG making good use of FHIR Shorthand - well worth gettig from github and having a look

To see how it looks as an IG:

To get from github:


Reference A nice look into the general nature of FHIR shorthand, with links to the best next places to go for more information A good tutorial site. The page given explains creating about the simplest possible project using FSH and how to generate the about the simplest possible FHIR Implementation Guide from it, using the standard FHIR Implementation Guide Publisher software. Other pages on the site cover how to set yourself up with the basic software for using FSH, including the language processor Sushi (with apologies for all the fish-related puns), and GoFSH, which to some degree reverse engineers an existing IG (like, say, the PoCD on) into FHIR Shorthand (.fsh files) source code.

Some working documents for the DeviceAlert project:

DoF: Alerting

DeviceAlert reference pages

Draft DeviceAlert element definitions mockup

Draft DeviceAlert structure mockup

Draft DeviceAlert rationale mockup

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