1. PSS-1982 Device Alerting - status
  2. FHIR Device Resource R5 ST Updates
    1. FHIR-32567   Property.type needs a binding or examples  
      1. QUESTION:  Has the semantics from 11073-10201 Classic DIM & 11073-10207 BICEPS been factored into this table
    2. Communicating Devices Section Update
      1. Reviewed the current draft - Brian and Marti made updates to the document
      2. For example, 8.14.1 Scope and Usage and 8.14.2 Boundaries and Relationships section
      3. ACTION( Marti Velezis (lead), all WG members) Update this confluence page by  
  3. PSS-1980 Gemini SES+MDI 
        1. deferred from last week


Meeting Notes

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